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7 Types of Digital Camera
That Will Capture Your Attention

Digital Camera

Most of us preserve our lives' grandeur moments by taking pictures and saving them to have something to call in mind and reminisce in the future. We make sure that we can take photos of ourselves, our dearest family members, and our beloved friends while enjoying the blast of every momentous and delightful occasion in our lives.

If you're thinking of using your camera in water, a underwater camera case is also a must-have. That is why having and possessing a high-quality digital camera is advantageous, particularly to those nostalgic people who are fond of taking pictures. Digital cameras come in different types, models, and lenses. Each type differs in features and quality that you might want to check, especially if you plan to buy a new one. Camera Equipment in Singapore provides a wide range to choose from.

DSLR Camera

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera, DSLR, is one of the most popular types of digital cameras you can see on this list. Every aspiring professional photographer dreams of having one. With its unique features such as a changeable lens, the ability to use aperture and shutter priority, having maximum shutter speed, large ISO range, you can capture highly-detailed and nice-looking photos.

When you consider buying a new DSLR camera, take time in comparing each DSLR model's sensor size, megapixel resolution, size, lenses, and price before deciding which to purchase. You should also consider and decide what type of photography you want to venture to know what features and accessories you need.

Mirrorless Camera

Unlike a DSLR camera with an optical viewfinder or reflex mirror, mirrorless cameras use a digital display system or electronic viewfinder that allows you to see a preview of the captured photo on-screen. It is also smaller in size than DSLR, which makes it easier to carry. The best mirrorless cameras are also the best type when shooting for a video.

Bridge Camera

Bridge Camera is like a hybrid between the old and primary point-and-shoot camera and the new and more advanced DSLR camera. This type of camera does not have an interchangeable lens. However, it features a huge built-in zoom lens that captures wide-angle photography. It is suitable for amateur wild-life and sports photographers.

Smartphone Camera

Our Smartphones have built-in cameras that allow us to take and store photos, and shoot and save videos in just a couple of clicks. Some smartphones have dual cameras—one in the back for regular portrait shots and one in the front, exclusive for taking selfies.

Moreover, some Smartphones have, at maximum, five standard camera lenses. These include having an ultra-wide camera for landscapes, a tele-camera for portraits, a wide-angle camera, a macro camera for macro photography, a selfie camera for selfies, and, last but not least, a depth-vision camera for bokeh effect.

Since we always carry our smartphones with us wherever we go, Smartphone cameras are the handiest and easy to carry types of cameras. With the use of Smartphone cameras, we can easily take a photo of the subjects and objects that attract our attention.

Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras, broadly known as instant cameras, use self-developing film in instantly printing the photo that has been recently captured. This camera type is considered vintage because this was invented in 1947, before the rise of the more advanced camera types such as the DSLR camera, the mirrorless camera, the point-and-shoot camera, etc.

This type of camera can be used by loading the film pack first and then turning on the polaroid camera power. Point the camera lens to the subject of your photography and press the camera shutter to take the photo. Wait for a few minutes until the film is ejected. Put the film on a flat surface, avoid shaking it, and wait for the photo to develop.

Action Camera

If you want to take photos underwater, use action cameras. This type of camera is portable, with its compact size and wide-angle lens, and can be mounted on a monopod or tripod. This camera is excellent for capturing photos and recording videos in any extreme sports such as skiing or surfing. You can find many affordable options of waterproof action cameras for just under $150.

Car owners usually use action cameras as a car dashcam. Attaching a camera on your car, especially on the front near the rearview mirror, would allow you to have recorded evidence in case you get into a road accident.

Advanced Compact Camera

The same excellent quality as a DSLR camera, the advanced compact camera can capture clear and sharp photographs even in a low-light condition. This camera type is suitable for those aspiring vloggers and content creators in creating their vlogs because this camera produces high-quality videos while recording excellent-quality audio.


Photography, as an art, connects us to our past selves. Every picture that we captured would serve, in the future, as a reminder of how we feel, what we see, and what we do while in the moment. Photography uses cameras as a device in capturing these moments. When choosing the type and model to purchase, go for the one with outstanding and high-quality features.

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