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Top 6 Tricks To Remain Stylish All Day Long

The Earth is full of billions of people and everyone is different in many terms. While in the older days we did not know anything about style, the current 21st century had taught us a lot about styling. And it will not be wrong to say that being stylish is one of most important factors of living!

But to be honest, meeting yourself stylish all day long is not easy. You can style yourself up for a moment or two, but maintaining it is a tough business. It should I say, was a tough business. Here are a few tips which you can follow to maintain your style and class all day long -


You must be wondering what a silly trick this is right? But you know you have to take a decision and stay on it before you start working on it. And this applies to your styling sense too!

First of all you have to be sure that you want to be stylish. There are people who decide that they want to maintain their style and work on it and within a day or two are back to normal. This will be a great girdle towards improving your styling sense. You have to sit and think for how long you want to maintain your class. You will get two answers.

The first will be for a short time. So if you get this answer then I am sorry this article is not for you. And if you get the answer that you want to be stylish for a long time, then make a will about that and start working. Once you start focusing on your styling sense, you will be able to find all the things you lack!


Your clothing is the first thing that will determine how stylish and classy you will look. The clothes you wear are the epitome of your style and you will have to maintain that!

So you need to follow some simple steps to improve your clothing –

  • Do not focus on buying anything unimportant. Most people like to spend money on clothes but they end up buying everything they do not need. So before you buy anything, have a clear mind set of it suits you or not. You can take other’s opinions as well.
  • Do not fall for bargains. Bargains are one of the worst enemies of styling. We people like to buy this clothes which we get at a low price or discounted rate. But the truth is that these garments are of the worst quality. So instead of buying ten pieces of junk, buy one piece of beauty.
  • Be sure what style you want and what your size is. Never buy anything oversized or over-exaggerated!


It is true that the clothing you use show your style and class. But these clothing maintain only half of your stylish personality. The other half is maintained by the accessories.

A proper clothing looks best when it is aided by proper accessories. These accessories make you look even more classy and increase your style. And what are these accessories? Let us start from the first. With your clothes, you need a good hairstyle and if possible, a proper beard. The hairstyle you choose is one of the biggest factors of your style. So choose a proper and stylish hairstyle and the optional is your beard.

Next will be the accessories on your hand which include a watch and bracelets. If you do not like extra items like bracelets, you can go on for a stylish watch only. And the last will be what your feet wear i.e. the shoes. It is really important that you choose your shoes according to your clothing. After all, casuals won't look stunning with a suit!


It is the next step you must follow. To be honest, this step will not affect your style but will help you maintain it.

Your closet or your wardrobe is the place where you store most of your styling items starting from clothes to shoes to watches and ties. But it is really important that your closet contains only those items which are good. So it is mandatory that you clean up your closet or wardrobe once every two or three months. You can also make one season for example a season can be of a month or more. And clean up your wardrobe once every season.

This will help you decide what you wear and what not. In simpler terms, cleaning your closet will discard all the unnecessary items which you do not want. Because when you are busy, you will never have the idea what is good and what is not. So it is better to remove all the bad elements.


Yeah, this is also trick you should follow to maintain your style quotient. You need to keep learning what is needed for proper styling and it will help.

It is true that our human mind is not capable enough to tell us everything we need to know. This means that you can't always have the idea what is a proper styling item. For that, you need to follow this people who are professionals in this field. You need study what they prefer to be used. There are a lot of stylists and you can research well before you decide whom to follow. And once you have made up your mind about your favourite one, go after everything they offer starting from journals to magazines to interviews and YouTube videos.

After all learning is a never ending process and so is knowledge!


Choosing your brands matters a lot in improving your styling sense. It may be difficult to understand but it is important.

There are about millions of brands in this world and every brand has its own speciality to offer. But each and every brand is different from the others and this is the factor you need to remember. Where Peter England manufactures great suits, Levi’s brings you the best jeans and Turtle had its own awesome formal shirts. So it is better if you decide first that what you like to wear and then choose your brands. And if you even want to buy multiple brand products at lesser prices, then buying a mystery box of apparel is the best you can do.

These were a few steps on how you can maintain your style quotient all day long. Adios!

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