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Transform Your Look with Scary Face Paint

When it comes to achieving the perfect creepy costume, scary face paint can instantly turn your look from mundane to macabre. With the right techniques and high-quality supplies, you can use face paint to become your worst nightmare. Read on for some ghoulish face paint ideas that will terrify and impress.

Select Products Wisely

For truly gruesome effects, avoid cheap grease paint and opt for professional quality face and body paint. Look for intensely pigmented, highly blendable formulas that provide opaque coverage and stay put all night long. Products like Mehron and Kryolan offer a wide range of colors perfect for creating scary looks. Pair with a sealant like Ben Nye Final Seal to lock everything in place.

Define the Details

The details make all the difference for gory, ghastly face paint. Use thickly pigmented black, white, and red to create gashes, scars and wounds that look shockingly real. Blend out edges for added dimension. Add touches of fresh blood with bright reds that trickle down skin. Define stitches across gashes with black, red and white. Hollow out eyes and cheeks with black, grey and white. The more time you spend on details, the more terrifying the finished look.

Zombify Your Complexion

Transform into a creepy corpse or zombie with face paint. Start by covering skin in white cream paint as a blank canvas. Use grey to hollow out eyes, temples, cheeks, and neck and make skin appear sunken. Paint dark circles under the eyes and light blue around the mouth for a deathly pallor. Finish with "blood" dripping from mouth and gashes across decaying skin. Set makeup with powder and sealant.

Bring Nightmares to Life

Face paint unleashes your darkest fantasies. Paint yourself as a sinister clown with an over-the-top blood-red mouth and soulless black eyes. Become a scary vengeful spirit with layers of white, black, and grey. Or transform into a ferocious werewolf with fur textures, a black nose, and glistening fangs. Don't hold back from bringing scary characters to life with face paint.

Play with Prosthetics

Take your look up a notch by incorporating face paint with prosthetic pieces and special effects makeup. Use paint to blend edges of latex wounds and gashes seamlessly into skin. Add extra gore dripping from prosthetic scars. Paint zombie-hued bruising around prosthetic bites on neck or arms. Prosthetics anchored by face paint result in an incredibly realistic finished look.

With the right supplies, techniques and creepy inspiration, scary clown face paint can turn you into a hand-painted horror this Halloween. Use these tips to get creative with ghoulish, gruesome and terrifying effects. Just don't be surprised if no one recognizes you!

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