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Top 8 Telugu Songs: You Might Enjoy It!

Here is the top 8 Telugu song, which you must know. If you are thinking about listening to Telugu songs, you can start your journey with them. All the music will be entertaining and a complete blessing for your ears and soul. If you are not a native, don't worry. When you listen to a Telugu song, you will fall in love with it. Search them online and feel their lyrics. Telugu songs are now widespread in India. At present, Tollywood can create more outstanding work and make more famous and lovely songs like those songs. But you can't find all these songs in one place. That's where naa songs come in. They offer all kinds of songs, so do check them out. This article is about the top 8 Telugu songs of 2020 that you should enjoy. Read about those songs and listen according to your choice and test.

Top 10 Telugu songs

1. Piyathama Piyathama:

You can say this song has the power of expressing love. This fantastic music tune also has come from the romantic and lovely film," "Majili." The lyrics and melody are beautiful and heart-touching. Chinmayi Sripada has sung the song "Piyathama Piyatham" with more love and feelings. The song also has Hindi, and it is as famous as its main Telugu version.

2. Rumuloo Rumulaa:

This song has a high music tune and instruments with romanticism. But when you go to hear this song, it won't damage your feelings. Anurag Kulkarni and the gorgeous Mangli have sung this song. The movie name is Thaman S. Its lyrics are also perfect for the people who love bass in music.

3. Oh baby:

This song is the title song from the movie" "Oh baby" "Oh baby" is such a cute and lovely song that is sung by Anurag Kulkarni. Also, people love to watch this music video as well. Samantha Akkineni is the main character of this song that played her role very well.

4. Bujji Bujji Banagaram:

The movie's name is "Guna 369". It is is a highly dramatic and lovely music video. The lyrics and rhythm are so much adorable. Ananth Sriram has written amazing all those fantastic lines. Nakash Aziz and Deepthi Parthasarathy have sung this song with their lovely voice and made it more realistic.

5. The Kodhe nee Kathe:

This song's actual theme is "The soul of a Rishi" This song is mainly an inspiring song that tells us about to contribute to society. Vijay Prakash is the music artist of this great song. This song is from the film "Maharshi."

6. Ninne Ninne:

The movie's name for this song is "Aswathama." Arman Malik and Yamini Ghantasala have sung it. This song has become more romantic with a soft and unique voice tune of both of the singers. The lyrics also feel lovely to hear.

7. Nuvva Samastham:

It is another song from the film "Maharshi." In this song, the composer has used high music instruments to make this very charming. Singer Yazin Nigar is the singer of it who has expressed its meaning correctly by understanding this song's theme. Shree Mani is the writer.

8. Manasara Manasara:

This song is a combination of sorrow and happiness. Sid Sriram and Chinmayi Sripada is the vocal artist of this song. The music is composed for the movie "Tholubmmalata" It also has a bold and love lyrics that can melt your heart.

The Telugu film industry is becoming more famous day by day. This cinema industry has got many talented singers, composers, and songwriters. It also has famous singers and composers who have shown their talent and creativity in Tollywood or Telugu film industry. As the movies are becoming more prefect and well-directed, the more audiences are watching them. The Telugu film industry is also mainly famous for composing unique and adorable songs with music videos' direction and quality.

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