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Top 5 Spring Jewelry Trends You Need to Know

Spring Jewelry Trends

Explore the exquisite and stunning spring gemstone jewellery collection of Rananjay Exports

Here are 5 Spring Jewellery Trends you need to know...

1. Opal Jewellery

The perfect gemstone jewellery that compliments the colourful and cheerful spring vibes is opal jewelry.

With a vibrant surface that displays myriad of colours across spectrum, vibrant and precious opal jewellery, when adorned with a mundane spring outfit will just make everyone around fall for your immense beauty and elegance.

And the centre of attraction in opal is its natural colour phenomena knowns as the exquisite “play-of-colours”.

An epitome of hope and purity, the famous “October Gemstone” will not only fill your life with its shining and shimmering colours, but will also shower blessings of healing and prosperity.

Ranging from transparent to opaque, opal is available across various types and patterns. The most precious and the famous of all being the black opal, which are precisely used in making opal rings.

Other types of opal available in the market are blue opal, light opal, white (crystal opal), red (fire opal) etc.

2. Moonstone Jewellery

Blessed with the calmness and the serenity of the moon god, the charming and cheerful moonstone jewelry emanates a divine whitish energy that suffice to compliment the spring season.

Alike opal, moonstone also demonstrates a natural play and frolics of colours when strike by those glaring beams of a sunlight. The coloration phenomena is known as adularescence.

Moonstone is prized worldwide for its milky, whitish surface that radiates a blue shimmer which lends a divine and majestic look to the wearer. You will get moonstone jewellery in the market ranging from translucent from opaque in the colouration range that varies from bluish to greenish. Some pieces also come in pink, white, orange as well as brown colour.

The “June Birthstone” will bless you with its exemplary healing properties that can even shield you against formidable diseases.

So, to celebrate the colours of spring season, adorn yourself with that elegant piece of moonstone pendant from Rananjay Exports.

3. Aquamarine Jewellery

The “March Birthstone”, with its sparkling and shimmering aqua colours (the colour of the ocean) can serve you as a signature start to that cheerful and adorable spring season.

More than its vibrant beauty, what make everyone fall for it is its serenity as well as elegance.

Aquamarine jewellery is believed to have its connection with the sea and the ocean. Eventually, wearing aquamarine bestow upon the wearer peace and tranquility. Eventually, it drives the mind to a pacified state.

Adored as the “Gem of the Spring”, aquamarine jewellery is quite versatile. Whether it’s a formal get together at your company, or it’s just a reunion with your old buddies, an elegant piece of aquamarine will compliment with each occasion and theme.

Its also quite a satisfactory alternate to an engagement ring. Blemished with precious pieces of diamonds and emanating blue shimmer, it will leave a cheerful smile on your face.

So, this spring season, don’t forget to add those stupendous pieces of the bluish beauty – the aquamarine jewellery to your jewellery collection.

4. Sapphire Jewellery

Looking to add some pop-up colours of orange to set an instant vibe with those cheerful and pleasant spring eves?

Extremely charm and stupendous sapphire jewellery, will elevate your day-to-day look. The orange colour of sapphire will perfectly blend with the colour of spring – blue, green, pink, yellow and lilac.

Whether it’s an online meet over zoom or a grandeur get together, sapphire jewellery would be your forever jewellery partner. Undoubtedly, one of the most versatile gemstones jewellery for this spring season.

The “September Birthstone” has scored 9 points on the Mohs scale of hardness. Only positioned after gold for that matter.

Cherish and relish the marvellous and cheerful colour of spring season with alluring and exquisite sapphire jewellery.

5. Turquoise Jewellery

Turquoise jewellery, like opal jewellery, is quite pricey, but it is extremely magnificent and stunning.

Turquoise will typically cost between $1,000 and $1500.

If you're feeling empty inside and your mind is overburdened with negative thoughts, turquoise jewelry could be the answer.

Turquoise's supreme powers to induce serenity and peace, as well as to deplete uplifted souls, have been supported by astrologers all over the world.

It helps the mind flush out all negative emotions and replace them with smiles and positivity. In a nutshell, it causes mental and emotional detoxification in the body.

Wrapping up

Those cheerful and warm spring days calls for some vibrant and sizzling gemstone jewellery.

Celebrate the season of spring by ordering 100% authentic and top-notch gemstone jewellery from Rananjay Exports.

We are one of the most trusted and reliable source in the market as far as gemstone jewellery is concerned.

Happy Shopping!

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