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The Top 8 New eCommerce Companies to Watch in 2023

The popularity of internet shopping, often known as "eCommerce," has increased substantially over the last few years as more and more consumers choose it over traditional brick-and-mortar stores. eCommerce startups and companies will continue to prosper as internet users become increasingly more certain that they can buy all the products or services they need online. 

Startups in eCommerce

New eCommerce Companies


Cazoo is an online alternative for purchasing old cars that offers home delivery and a thorough vehicle inspection procedure. During two 2020 financing rounds, the eCommerce business with headquarters in the UK received more than $400M in less than a year. The business also said that its value has surpassed $2.5 billion in October 2020. L Catterton, whose portfolio includes Bliss and Hanna Anderson, as well as dmg Ventures, which has invested in other eCommerce businesses including Zilch and Farewill, are supporters of the digital auto sales platform.


Bellroy wants to design wallets that are as thin as they can be while yet retaining aesthetics and usefulness. Since its start, the company has grown to include accessories, purses, wallets, and more. This firm is one to keep an eye on since its most famous product is the "travel wallet," which is a consumer favorite. To successfully promote similar startups, companies use eCommerce consulting services or manually promote themselves.


The AI platform driving the eCommerce revolution is called Riskified. To identify genuine consumers and keep them going toward checkout, they make use of cutting-edge technology, machine-learning algorithms, and behavioral analytics. Riskified is used by retailers to boost sales, stop fraud, and reduce consumer friction. Hundreds of millions of transactions have been evaluated by Riskified, and billions of dollars in revenue have been cleared for merchants in almost every industry, including many Fortune 500 firms.

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild, a letterbox flower delivery service, offers a variety of flowers and bouquets that are carefully wrapped to fit through a typical mailbox. Also, they provide a variety of chocolates, vases, candles, and houseplants. They want to become the industry leader in flower and gift delivery throughout all of Europe by using the benefits of cutting-edge technology and predictive analytics. They seek to deliver items quicker and fresher.


Hero is a distinctive eCommerce sales platform that provides businesses with a platform for one-to-many video sales and one-to-one online purchasing. They refer to their technology as eCommerce made human since it allows customers to contact them through text or video call. In addition to offering a fast and simple buying experience straight from shops, it seeks to encourage and assist consumers.

With the use of a phone or app, customers of stores now have the opportunity to contact them and make purchases whenever it suits them, allowing them to try out the goods before buying without ever entering a store. The finest platform for 2022's shopping experiences could be Hero.

New eCommerce Companies


Another sector of startups that is attracting attention from investors is the fintech industry. A fresh $1 billion in the capital has been given to the startup bank Klarna, which is located in Europe. The business is hailed as the most valuable private fintech firm operating in Europe.

According to reports, Klarna is drawing both new and current investors from all around in a mad rush to board the success train before it runs out of steam. A platform called Klarna operates around the idea of buy-now-pay-later plans. In the simplest terms, they provide customers a way to purchase goods without having to pay for them in advance or turn to credit cards.


An online eCommerce platform called OnBuy was established in 2016. The organization promises to emphasize the success of its customers and merchants by forgoing any kind of self-selling and offering secure transactions, reasonable pricing, a broad selection of items, and all of these things. Midway through 2021, the platform received £35M in a Series A investment round.


Depop is a marketplace for fashion where the younger generation may buy, sell, and find inspiration. Simon Beckerman, a co-founder of RetroSuperfuture eyewear and Pig magazine, established it. It swiftly developed into a powerful digital fashion marketplace where users could exchange brand-new, gently-used, vintage, and contemporary apparel and accessories that would not be available elsewhere! At the present, Depop has more than 200 staff and 15 million customers globally.

Bottom Line

Since its inception, the internet has transformed a number of sectors and enabled several enterprises to succeed online. The variety in the eCommerce field is shown by the startups on this list.

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