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Top 5 Super Hit Songs In 2020

Along with Punjabi movies, Punjabi songs are also hugely popular worldwide. Although East Punjab and West Punjab are the two regions, Punjabi songs from both areas have found a place in song lovers' hearts. It seems that Punjabi songs are a must-have at various events and DJ parties. Punjabi songs play a significant role in making Punjabi films superhit and, on the other hand, super flop. In 2020, the Punjabi industry has come up with some super hit songs that have won the audience's hearts.

Let's look at some of the super hit Punjabi songs in 2020.

1. Red Eyes:

Red eyes are one of the most super hit Punjabi songs in 2020. Authority released this fantastic song on 25 February 2020, eight-month ago. Song lovers took this song very positively, and since it's releasing Red eyes has got 62 million views on youtube only within seven months. A famous lyrics writer Karan Aujla had written the lyrics of this song, and Karan Aujla himself and Ft Gurlej Akhtar gave their vocal for this song. Red eyes have a length of 2:43 minutes. However, its length is small in size but played a significant impact on making the album a super hit.

2. Chandigarh:

Chandigarh is one of the most popular Punjabi songs in 2020. Authority released this mindblowing song in 31 January 2020, nine-month ago. Famous lyrics writer Narinder Batth wrote the lyrics for this song where Dilpreet Dhillon, Ft Gurlej Akhtar, and Parmish gave their magical tunes for this song Chandigarh. Since it's releasing, Chandigarh got 29 million views on youtube so far. Chandigarh is the super hit song from the album Dushman. This song has a video length of 3:02 minutes with a unique video concept and high quality.

3. Regret:

Regret is one of the most popular Punjabi songs in 2020. 'Regret' is the title track of the album regret. Famous lyricist, singer, and composer R nait Ft Tanishq Kaur is the leading artist. Mohit Middha and Puneet s Bedi directed this hit Punjabi song Regret. Authority released this song on youtube on 11 January 2020, nine-month ago, and since it's releasing the music, Regret has got 36 million views on youtube. The song Regret has a video length of 4:06 minutes with beautiful lyrics, quality, and concept. Song lovers love this song very much.

4. Jab Hum Padheya Karte The:

Jab Hum Padheya Karte is a famous Punjabi song whose fame has spread very quickly among Punjabi song lovers. The Album owner released this unique concept Punjabi song in 4 March 2020, seven months ago. Since it's releasing the music Jab Hum Padheya Karte, The has more than 23 million views on youtube, and the number of watches is increasing day by day. It's a rocking style song, and this song has a video length of 3:5o minutes. Parmish Verma gave his magical voice for this song that helps the music become a super hit.

5. Born To Shine:

Born to shine is a kind of popular song that got 56 million youtube views within one month. Dilijit Dosanjh, a famous Punjabi singer, gave his vocal in this song. Dilijit has released this song on his youtube channel, where he has only 2.3 million subscribers, but unbelievably, people watch the music 56,490,532 times. Renewed lyrics writer Amrit Maan wrote the lyrics for this song. Born to shine has a video length of 3:38 minutes. Its video concept is different from the other typical Punjabi songs.

These above mentioned five songs hit a lot in 2020, and people loved these Punjabi songs very much.

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