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5 Top Business Ideas for Single Moms

Business Ideas for Single Moms

Being a parent is hard. Being a single parent is 1000 times harder. Single mums are the busiest people on the planet. They usually look for a job they can do when the baby is sleeping. It’s usually something creative that doesn't require being in an office from 9 to 5.

Single mums need a flexible job, so they can organize according to their own schedule. So, if you are looking for something that you can make a living with and work when you are able to, here are some ideas:

A Catering Business

This job is perfect for those who are kitchen savvy and like preparing food that looks and tastes delicious. Being a mum, you will spend time preparing and going to children's birthday parties, which can be your business area.

If you are creative enough, you can make cakes and sweets for kids’ birthdays. The ideas and recipes are easy to find online, and Pinterest and Instagram are the best sources for that. They can also work as your promotion channels, so you don’t really have to pay for a website - Instagram is completely free, and making a page with your works is the best marketing.

Microblading Business

Microblading is currently one of the most popular permanent makeup techniques that can help you earn good money with just a couple of treatments per month.

Microblading is a form of eyebrow tattooing, done with a handheld tool. It creates natural-looking hair stroke eyebrows and people are crazy about it. It only takes a course, such as microblading Canada and once you get certified you can start your own business.

It is great because you can make appointments whenever it works for you. It doesn't require standard education and the biggest part of the course is done online, so you can learn and practice when the baby is sleeping.

Baby Room Decorator

Baby room decor is huge nowadays and numerous ideas can be found online. The walls of baby rooms are decorated with cute posters and hand-crafted items. If you are a creative person, you can go in this direction. You can create things that will make a baby's room look warm and cozy.

Again, Pinterest is one of the best sources for ideas, but it would be great if you can think of something completely original, that can't be found anywhere else. You can also sell your crafts via social media.


Being a blogger, or even better, a vlogger, is one of the most popular jobs nowadays. People like hearing honest reviews from ordinary people, not celebrities.

You just need to find your niche. You can be a mum blogger and share the thighs you learn while raising your child. That can be recommendations of any products (cosmetics, clothes, toys, food) your baby uses. It's a job with minimum investment and can become a lucrative career if you gain an audience that trusts you and a strong base of followers or subscribers.

If you are not into blogging about mum's life, there are other ideas, such as a food blogger, fashing blogger, or just a lifestyle blogger.

Baby Photographer

If you are into photography and know how to make cute photos of your kid, why not make some money out of it? It takes some investment to set up a studio, and of course, photography equipment.

People love taking cute photos of their newborns in a studio. Christmas, Thanksgiving, autumn, winter, and flower settings are very popular and, you have to admit, so fun. Family photography can really be your thing and again, it’s not a standard job.

Again, you can use social media for advertisement. Post in local Facebook groups and advertise on Instagram.

To Sum Up

The internet is a great tool for busy single mums. You can use it to learn new things, to complete a course and learn almost any skill you want, or, once you already start your own business, to use it for promotion. Take time to see what your strengths are and think about which business areas would you find yourself in. Hope our ideas will help you and inspire you to start today.

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