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Unlocking the Future: Top 10 Finance Careers for Recent Graduates

Finance is a practical profession that will continue to be in demand. If you're a finance major or a recent finance graduate, you'll have plenty of possibilities. Also, many finance jobs pay well if you are doing a finance job with roles and responsibilities properly.

You might assume majoring in finance means you’re guaranteed to become the familiar “finance bro.” They chat about the stock market over after-work drinks. Yes, you’re on the correct path if that’s your desire following is list of careers in Finance.

Top 10 list of jobs with a finance Degree

Are you ready to explore job vacancies in a finance sector? Here are 10 job kinds that are the highest demands jobs for Finance.

  1. Investment Banker

An investment professional advises customers who have little or no expertise on how and where to invest their money. Some people who are aware about the investment market but do not have enough time to monitor it choose to hire an investment banker, and businesses use these facilities to increase their investment returns. Their Salary is approximately $35,000 – $300,000 per year.

Job Responsibilities: The duties of an investment banker include:

  • Conducting detailed study on the investing market and advising customers on when and where to invest their money for the best returns.
  • They also serve as money exchangers. They invest the money obtained from their clients and repay it with interest over a certain period.

Qualifications/Degrees Required: A bachelor's degree is required to secure an entry-level position in an investment banking firm and financial field. You may also choose from a variety of Certificate or Diploma courses accessible on platforms such as Udemy and Coursera.

  1. Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst is primarily responsible for analyzing an organization's finances, capital market growth potential, and other factors. This is one of the desired jobs in Finance field after graduates. A skilled, experienced Financial Analyst is necessary and may greatly benefit a company's success. Their salary per annum is approximately $50,000-$130.000.

Job Responsibilities: Responsibilities of financial Analyst are.

  • Developing financial modelling methods.
  • Analyzing the investing market and providing reports.
  • Consultation services.

Qualifications: Master’s degree in a business or accounting field such as Finance, Economics, Statistics, and Business Administration is required.

  1. Internal Auditor

An internal auditor examines every area of a company like operations and finances. Basically, his role is to elaborate the ways to improve the organization. His salary ranges from $46,000 – $180,000 per year. Furthermore at least person should have degree of Bachelor of Commerce and Honors in accounting or Finance. Accounting theory Certificate is also needed for this post.

Job Responsibilities: Internal auditors' job Responsibilities include the following:

  • Checking an organization's finances.
  • Checking for operational efficiency.
  • Suggesting strategies that could assist the organization development.
  1. Private Equity Analyst

Private Banking Analyst ranks as one of the highest-paid banking positions. He must maintain relationships with clients and support them in their financial decisions in accordance with their objectives. He functions almost like an investment director. His salary ranges from $45,000 – $130,000 per year.

Job Responsibilities

  • Advising customers on how, when, and where to invest their money.
  • Sustaining relationships with customers.

Qualifications: person must have bachelor's degree in accounting or business to secure this job.

  1. Senior Accountant

A Senior Accountant is responsible for the company's accounting, including balance sheets and financial statements. He also conducts risk assessments by studying the company's finances. His salary is almost $130,000 per annum.

Job Responsibilities: A Senior Accountant is responsible for the following duties:

  • Handling the General Accounting.
  • Updating financial statements and generating reports.
  • Revenue set up and reporting.
  • Audit-related responsibilities.
  • Other accounting standards.

Qualification: A bachelor’s degree in any financial subject is required, as well as CFA certification and relevant experience.

  1. Fund Protection Manager

He handles a significant amount of money. He mostly deposits funds from successful businesses and investors. Hedge funds tries to take large risks, build prepared portfolios, use risk management approaches. His salary is approximately $40,000 – $4500, 000 per year.

Job responsibilities: A hedge fund manager's responsibilities include:

  • Developing investing methods to maximize earnings.
  • Maintain the portfolio based on market circumstances.
  • Keep an eye on the stock markets.

Degrees: A bachelor’s degree in accounting, Management, etc. would be suitable for the position; nevertheless, you must have strong expertise in the field of portfolio administration, risk management, or financial services.

  1. Economist

The fundamental idea underlying economists' Labor is to generate what, how, and for whom. Thus, an economist considers the availability of resources, product supply and demand, current and cost-effective manufacturing processes, consumer taste and preferences, and other minute factors to optimize client happiness. His salary ranges from $70,000-$200,000. The candidate must have done a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Makes a study of the available resources.
  • Studies demand and supply of the product in the market and the most feasible, profit-giving techniques of operation.
  1. Financial Risk Manager

The Financial Risk Manager conducts a thorough analysis of an organization's financial situation in order to identify possible risks and design counter strategies if the firm is affected by them. Salary ranges from $40,000 to $220,000 annually.

Job Responsibilities: A Financial Risk Manager oversees the following job duties:

  • Understands the financial situation of a firm.
  • Assesses the potential risks involved.
  • Make strategies and approaches to deal with any threats that may arise because of possible risks.

Qualifications: After getting a bachelor’s degree in finance, you must pass the FRM-I and FRM-II tests to become a certified Financial Risk Manager. In addition, you must have at least two years of professional experience as a Portfolio Manager or Risk Consultant, among others.

  1. Financial Manager

Financial managers have extensive financial experience. They suppose charge of an organization's finances. It is one of among the well-paid jobs in global finance. A Financial Manager's work is in great demand and well-paid, but you must have extensive financial knowledge to get recruited. Salary is almost $90,000 to $150,000 annually.

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of a Financial Manager include:

  • Understanding the organization's financial objectives.
  • Guiding the upper levels of an organization on how to take successful financial steps to achieve its goals.
  • Creating reports on finances, updating firm statements, and budgeting.

Qualifications: To get employed as a Financial Manager, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in finance and at least 5 years of related experience.

  1. Personal Finance Advisor

A Personal Banking Manager is an educated or experienced person. They understand how to handle financial affairs well. They help their customers to succeed financially. People ask for a finance advisor to help them plan. They plan for retirement, budgeting, and more. They also need help making long- and short-term investment strategies. But it is one of the most demanding jobs in the finance industry. Advisors’ salary ranges from $55,000 to $110,000 per year.

Excellent convincing and communications skills are required for this job. You also need the right experience and a good reputation. People must trust you with their money. As a Finance Advisor in a firm, you must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a financial discipline at the entry level. Good experience is required for higher-level roles.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Meeting with customers, discussing their goals, and planning appropriately.
  • Convincing new customers to partner with them.


You may also seek for online courses offered on websites. It may appeal to anyone interested in accounting, economics, the stock market, math, management, or business. If you have a bachelor's degree or higher in any of these subjects, you can become an expert in the world of finance as mentioned above the top job jobs in finance. Financial earnings are often high due to a higher demand. Some jobs require expert’s certification or license, but you can apply for rear jobs with a bachelor's degree in many financial sectors. You may also seek for online courses offered on websites. It may appeal to anyone interested in accounting, economics, the stock market, math, management, or business. If you're applying for any of the finance positions listed above, please ensure your resume is professionally crafted.

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