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Tired of Your 9 to 5 Job?
Maybe It’s Time to Shake Things Up


The alarm rings on Monday morning and your first thought is “Oh no.” You drag yourself out of bed and then fight traffic to get to your office, where you work from 9 to 5. At 5, you get back in your car and battle heavy traffic again until you are finally back home.

While you know that many people would be grateful to have your job and you do appreciate a career that brings in a steady paycheck, you are slowly realizing that the traditional 9 to 5 gig is not for you. It’s making you miserable and you are more than ready for a change.

Here’s some good news: you don’t have to be stuck in the 9 to 5 rut forever. If you are truly despising your schedule, you can definitely change things up a bit with a different type of job. For example, the following ideas may be just the ticket to career happiness:

Open Your Own Business

If you have always dreamed of opening your own company, and your unhappiness with your current job stems mostly from not wanting to answer to anyone else, it may be a sign that you are meant to be your own boss. While owning a successful company can be immensely rewarding, it can take time to build up a clientele. Instead of telling your boss that you are going to quit tomorrow, you might want to moonlight with your new company until it’s up and running. A great way to work for yourself and get out of the 9 to 5 grind is to start with a company that will support you and train you to own your own business.

For instance, Amway provides people with the opportunity to become Independent Business Owners while working from home and setting their own hours. What does Amway do? It equips people like you with the skills you need to sell health and beauty products directly to consumers while setting your own schedule and essentially being your own boss.

Look into Freelancing

Another great way to get out of the traditional work schedule and still make some decent money is through freelancing. Otherwise known as consulting, contract or for-hire work, over time, you can often build up a solid base of clients that will allow you to work from home, on your own schedule—well, most of the time—and still pay your bills. As you are getting your freelance career off the ground, you can expect plenty of long days networking and advertising your services and maybe taking some jobs that don’t pay quite as much as you hoped you would make. But if you stick with it and prove to your clients that you are talented, professional and get the work done on time, chances are good they will hire you again and perhaps tell their colleagues to do the same. While you technically won’t be your own boss—the firms that hire to you work for them on contract will be—unless you have a scheduled meeting with your clients you can pretty much organize your days the way you want.

Maybe Another Shift Would Be Better For You

Many companies require employees to be there much earlier, later in the day and even overnight. If your main issue with your current job is the hours themselves—for instance, perhaps you’ve been a night owl your whole life and you don’t feel truly awake until 1 p.m.—you could still work a regular job, but with non-traditional hours. There are plenty of industries that rely on shift work, including hotels, airlines, the postal service, firefighters, police and 911 operators, and bakers. Start by looking at your skills and experience and what shift work options might work for you, and then apply for positions with non-traditional hours. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can still have a regular paycheck and work from 4 a.m. to noon every day, or pull a graveyard shift and sleep while your kids are in school.

Life is Short, So Go for It

You spend a lot of time at your job, so it should be something that you like instead of dread. If the 9 to 5 world is dragging you down, pull yourself back up by looking for a job that will still bring in needed money, but can be done on a different schedule or your own time.

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