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8 Tips for Using Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets

One of our goals on our blog is for you to learn as much as possible about wooden pallets. Among these things, we want you to learn how to use them and how to choose them. It is important to know all this, because if you are able to choose the best pallet for your company, you will be gaining in efficiency and saving.

Pallets are important. They are widely used, all companies use them and they have become the basis of logistics. There could be no supply chain without them. For all that, it is important that you know how to use them.

1. Do not settle for any Transport

It is common in this sector to bet on the carrier that has the best weather or the one that is cheaper. Although this may work out for you, it is very possible that he will not. Most carriers don't care what they carry in the back of their trucks.

Ideally, you would have your own transportation method. But we know that this is complicated, so our advice is that you know the carrier you work with. Find one that you can work with and that you know works well and care about his burden.

You will need to work with someone reliable, a carrier who complies with the times and who cares that the load arrives without bumps or breakage.

2. Know your products to know how to pack them

If you pack each pallet with several products, you have to know how to optimally pack them. Luckily, this is not complicated; the heaviest products should go in the base and make sure that no pieces are protruding.

If the products are left loose or you think there may be a danger of them moving, use plastic wrap. Create a solid and secure structure.

3. Pallets can be stacked

If you can load your pallets so that they are stackable, the better. If you can't, don't worry too much either, you always have to think about the stability and safety of your products.

You have to be very careful. Truck boxes are designed so that you can stack two layers of pallets. If your cargo can't be stacked, don't. It is better to pay for space that you do not use.

4. Don't try to save on materials

Like everything in life, things have to be paid for. New or premium quality pallets are more expensive. Don't try to save on your packing materials. Paying less for a pallet ensures that you will receive a lower quality pallet.

Used and recycled pallets are a wonderful option, but take a good look at their condition. Do not bet on very old or damaged wooden pallets, no matter how cheap they are.

5. Communicate deliveries

One of the biggest problems in logistics is the lack of communication. Before making a delivery, make sure the carrier contacts the company. It should be notified in advance of the arrival and the type of truck with which the merchandise is transported.

In this way you will achieve more efficient loading and unloading, for the company that receives the goods and also for the carrier, who will not waste time waiting.

6. Mark each load

The pallets must bear a label with all the merchandise data. The good thing about palletizing is that you do not need to mark each product; it will be enough to mark only the pallet.

Labels must contain all complete shipment information. In warehouses and companies that receive a lot of merchandise, this information is essential to streamline the loading and unloading processes.

7. Don't cut corners, protect them

If your cargo contains dangerous edges, you must protect them. You should use cardboard corners, which are designed to protect the cargo.

The corner pieces are highly recommended, especially if we work with stackable boxes that can hit and collapse. In this way you will protect not only the operators from blows with these edges, you are also protecting the load from blows and damage.

8. Avoid empty spaces

The best thing about pallets is that they allow you to optimize cargo space. The pallet platform is designed to stack the boxes and create a solid structure.

If the products cannot form a solid structure, if they cannot be stacked like boxes, it is best to leave a little free space between them. This way, if they move a little, there will be no danger of them colliding and hitting each other. You can use paper or "cork peanuts" to separate the products so they don't dance and bump.


That's all. As you can see, there are 8 very simple tips to load and use Pinewood Pallet. Although, if you think about it, these tips are valid for any type of pallet, not only for wooden ones. Remember that your products are the most important. Treat them lovingly and the work will pay off. Use quality pallets and learn how to load them efficiently.

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