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10 Useful Tips to Increase Your Company's Sales

Increase Your Sales

Since 2008, Italian companies have been experiencing a period of profound crisis. Overall, thanks to the great depression of the global economy which, starting from that year, hit all the world's economic systems particularly hard. Companies are therefore all the more forced to increase their turnover. But how can companies increase turnover? Below we try to give some good advice that we think can help.

1. Visit existing customers more frequently

It may seem trivial, but already acquired customers are an invaluable asset. Very often they are taken for granted and few companies remember them. All salespeople are busy looking for new customers and sometimes they don't think about the potential that the old ones represent.

More often than not, customers are lost because the company does not establish continuous and above all valuable communication with them. In many cases, it would be enough to send existing customers ad hoc offers, or remind them that the company has developed new services or markets new products. After all, it takes very little: even a simple phone call keeps the contact warm and does not make the customer feel abandoned to himself. Imagine the increase in turnover that you would have if you did this type of activity on every old customer: evaluate the turnover, even small, that would be obtained from each acquired customer and multiply it by all the others. From these simple activities it is possible to obtain important increases in turnover!

2. Stay focused on customer acquisition policies

It is useless to hide it: by the law of large numbers, the more new potential customers you visit, the more contacts you create and, therefore, the more chances you have to conclude a sale. Without considering the fact that the brand is strengthened, because more and more people become aware of it and its notoriety spreads. Use inbound marketing and outbound marketing tools to achieve this goal. The essential thing is to generate contacts and, therefore, to have a full-bodied and organized database on which to go and make a call to action.

3. Continue to implement promotional actions

What do most companies do in times of crisis? Probably the most wrong thing you can think of, which is to drastically cut advertising costs. Nothing is more wrong since the advertisement and millets discount code should not be considered as costs, but as investments! You enter a negative loop from which it is difficult to get out: less advertising means fewer people who know your business with the goods and services you could provide them and they need, reflecting negatively on the sales and turnover that will go down even more and so on. If anything, what must be done is a careful choice of promotional activities to be carried out.

Certainly the web right now offers more measurable results than generic radio advertising or printed flyers. And the structured activities on social networks also guarantee satisfactory results in terms of increased turnover. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to invest large amounts in advertising: even a few and well-studied targeted activities are enough.

4. Offer bonuses for large purchases

This strategy works with customers who regularly purchase a fixed amount of products. When they buy more, give them a gift. Offer him a certain amount of the product he normally buys as a gift. In this way not only will he feel gratified, but for subsequent purchases he will be encouraged to place an order that is always quantitatively high.

5. Enter into commercial agreements with your suppliers

It is important that your suppliers recognize discounts or stock of free goods that you can give to your customers. In this way, you will be able to pass these discounts or these free products to your own customers. Your brand will strengthen, you will gain a lot in advertising and, thanks to word of mouth, you will acquire new customers and, therefore, turnover. The cost of a promotional activity of this type will not weigh on your budget and your image will be strengthened.

6. Create a loyalty program

As we have said several times, customers must be loyal because they represent a pool of turnover that must never be given up. Put in place a loyalty program that incentivizes customers to come back to you rather than go to your competitors. Think about whether it is better to create a points collection rather than a prize draw. The essential thing is that the customer perceives the real advantage that derives from buying your products regularly and exclusively. The accumulation of points aimed at obtaining discounts is also an excellent solution: the aim is to tie the customer to your company.

7. Don't neglect the “old” word of mouth

Is there a better testimonial for your company than a person who is already your loyal customer? We think not. Who better than a satisfied customer, who knows your company and appreciates its products or services, can recommend them to someone else who does not yet know them?

Word of mouth remains one of the most effective advertising tools. Especially because those who have experimented with a product and appreciate it will be much more credible in the eyes of those who have not yet tried it. Plus, loyal customers also know those who might be interested. Why not take advantage of this opportunity then? Just ask customers to advise you to acquaintances and relatives, advertising you adequately, returning this advertising, for example, with gadgets, or with discounts on future purchases, or even with a free product or service. In a certain period of time you will have increased the number of customers and the turnover.

8. Improve your product presentation

The packaging of a product remains very important. Very often companies with a mediocre but well packaged product develop higher turnover, rather than companies with a superior product that looks worse. Emphasize the aesthetics of your products and make sure they are eye-catching. Often, to increase sales, you just need online shopping with a nice package and that's it. And if your company sells services, take care of the aspects related to their presentation, such as brochures, printed information material, but also the seller's clothing: always keep in mind that a customer initially does not buy only the service but above all the one who sells it to him.

9. Push on incremental sales

You know when you are at the bar and, while you are paying for the coffee, they also offer you to buy the croissant or the juice for a slight increase in price? Well, you are faced with the so-called add-on sale. It is a strategy used by companies to sell more products by increasing turnover. Normally, considering that the price increase is small, the customer accepts and so the company increases the sales volumes. This is a strategy that is used to increase sales, it can be adopted for practically every good and service, you just need to have a little creativity. Explain to your sales representatives that by implementing this practice, sales can increase significantly in the medium term.

10. Organize regular meetings with your collaborators

It is important to listen to collaborators: they are almost always on the front line, they visit customers and receive a lot of information every day. They certainly represent a resource for making improvements in the organization, they often have ideas and suggestions that can help increase sales and turnover. We strongly advise all organizations to periodically hold meetings to listen to collaborators. With the aim of coming up with winning strategies and valid ideas to always be updated on customer needs and competitors' news.


We can conclude by saying that companies can increase their turnover year after year, even in times of lean cows by offering discount codes like millet stores can offer millets discount code. But it is necessary to implement the right marketing strategies, change. If necessary, those habits that have followed for years, feed creativity and, not to overlook, have salespeople always ready to follow the new directives.

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