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10 Tips for Layering Short Dresses

Layering Short Dresses

Cool fall and winter weather doesn’t mean you have to put your short dresses away. Rock your favorite short dresses this winter and show off your legs. Use thick tights to stay warm while you walk from the subway to work. Throw a scarf to keep the wind off your neck while you run errands.

These ten tricks can help you layer chunky knits and jackets with your short corset dresses and keep them in rotation all year long!

1. Choose Neutral Layers

You want your dress to remain the star of the show. The more colors or patterns you add to your final look, the busier the entire ensemble will become. Neutral colors like black, cream, beige, and navy will be easiest to layer over short dresses. Add texture by using heavier knits with chunky patterns.

2. Go Monochrome

Layer up in a monochrome look if you want to play with color. Try out different shades of the same color to add dimension to the style. Start with a blue corset dress. Add pale blue tights. Keep your head warm with a soft blue beret. Finish your fit in a deep blue peacoat and mary-janes. You’ll look romantic and sweet in your blue ensemble without any element distracting from the finished product.

3. Keep Out the Chill with Thick Tights

Don’t let your legs freeze in a short dress on chilly winter mornings or cold fall nights. Warm winter tights are essential to transition your dresses from summer to winter wear. If you live in particularly cold cities like New York, Boston, or Chicago, choose a fleece-lined pair to keep you cozy and warm all day.

4. Show a Little Skin

If you live in a warmer climate, like North Caroline or Northern California, you can get away with showing a little more leg in your short dresses this winter season. Rather than wearing tights, try pairing your dress with an over-the-kneee boot or thigh-high stocking. The short skirt will let the boots shine and show off your long gorgeous legs.

5. Contrast a Feminine Dress with a Structured Jacket

Layer a tailored men’s blazer over a romantic satin dress for a chic and polished look. Or, for a more punk rock ensemble, try a leather moto jacket with a satin dress and combat boots. Play with different baggy sweaters, jackets, and blazers to balance the short skirt and find new ways to wear your favorite spring and summer dresses.

6. Cinch Your Waist

Your figure can quickly get lost as you start adding layers over your short dresses. Cinch your waist to show off your figure. Add a belt with the dress, blazer, or cardigan to enhance your hourglass figure.

7. Layer on a Sweater for a Whole New Look

Transform your short dresses into a totally different look by layering a chunky sweater over the dress. Rather than choosing an open cardigan – choose a pullover sweater and play up the skirt of your dress. Tuck the sweater into a belt to crop it. It will keep you warm without covering up your shape.

8. Try a Turtleneck

Every winter wardrobe needs a turtleneck or two. They keep the chill air off your neck and create a sleek silhouette even when you’re bundled up in multiple layers of clothing. Wear the turtleneck underneath the dress and let the dress remain the focal point of your ensemble.

Try a black turtleneck under a chic black and white patterned short dress for a fun spin on a 60s mod look. Complete the ensemble with funky boots and a high ponytail.

9. Have a Long Coat

A sturdy and warm jacket is a winter essential for every wardrobe. A long coat will help keep your legs warm in a short dress. Plus, you can add other long layers without it looking awkward when you throw on your coat to make your morning commute.

Avoid pairing a short jacket with a long sweater when layering, as it can make you appear shorter or more stout than you are. A long coat will draw attention away from your hips and elongate your body.

10. Be Willing to Experiment

Invest in accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves to add an extra touch to your winter wardrobe. Wool socks inside a waterproof pair of boots can help keep your feet warm all winter long, and they look adorable scrunched up with your short dress.

Layering up for fall and winter is all about having a willingness to experiment with your wardrobe. Sometimes the items you least expect will look absolutely fabulous together. Have a fashion show for yourself, and try different jackets and sweaters with your favorite short summer dresses to find new ways to style them for colder months.

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