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Best Tips for Creating ATS-Friendly Resume

Creating ATS-Friendly Resume

The way we apply for jobs has changed a lot due to9 technology. The latest trend in the job application process is the ATS software hiring managers use to filter hundreds of job applications. It is an application tracking system that saves them a lot of time by automatically tracking, assessing and selecting the applicants. Therefore job applicants should use an online CV maker that can create ATS-friendly resumes to stay competitive in the job market. Here are some best tips for creating an ATS-friendly resume that you may follow.

Use the ATS resume template

If you are using an online CV maker, you can look for ATS resume templates. These templates use minimalist designs compatible with the ATS systems, which parse through the text within your resume and extract valuable information into the software. If it fails to identify your information, some important keywords and qualifications. A template designed for ATS can help eliminate such mistakes. Some templates may also come preformatted with ATS in mind. These may allow the ATS to identify and sort the information correctly.

Label the sections clearly

Your resume sections should be labelled clearly and correctly. You may use titles like education, professional experience, and skills. Remember that the ATS system will look for these sections in order to identify the key requirements like degrees, years of experience, certifications and keywords.

Avoid using tables, graphics, columns, and headers

Most ATS systems can only read plain text and hence skip over content placed in columns, tables, images, headers, footers, charts and other graphics. So when choosing your resume template, avoid adding any formatting objects, as it may result in the ATS not reading all of your information.

Choose an ATS-friendly font

These are common and simple fonts that can be read easily. Some examples of ATS-friendly fonts are Calibri, Arial, Garamond, Cambria and Georgia. Also, remember that your font size should be between 10 and 12 points, depending on the style you select and the content you have.

Apply keyword optimization

After creating your layout, optimise your resume with keywords the employers have programmed their ATS to search for. Resumes without these keywords are tossed aside during the screening. One way to determine if your resume consists of the keywords is to read the job description in the listing. Check for role-specific terms listed multiple times, and if you possess those skills, ensure it's included in the resume. Also, see that you use keywords throughout your resume sections but avoid overusing them. Let your resume have a natural flow and be free from grammatical errors.

Choose the right file type

PDF format is the best choice for saving the file date without compromising the integrity. However, not all ATS software accepts PDFs. So before uploading your file, make sure that you check the list of acceptable file formats. If it does not include the PDF option, you can upload other file formats like .doc or .docx.

ATS resume template

Here is a basic and easy ATS-friendly resume template. It is one of the many ATS resume formats known to work the best. You can customise this template to create a resume that is ATS compatible.

Name and contact information

Write your name on the top line followed by city, phone number, and email address.


Your summary should include a brief description of your top skills and qualifications required for the job opening. Make sure that you incorporate keywords in this section.


Add any work experience you have relevant to your future career goals. You can include all relevant jobs from the past 10-15 years, employers' names, job titles, work locations, and dates of employment for each entry. Make sure you also include bullet points that use keywords to describe your top contributions and achievements within each job. A clearly labelled experience section should follow Teh summary. If you have no work experience or have recently graduated, you can replace this section with education directly below the summary.


This will consist of teh degree type, institution name, field of study, and graduation date. Include bullet points that describe relevant classes or projects in this section.


This is the final section of your ATS resume and should include 1,2, or 3-word phrases that align with the keywords mentioned in the resume description.

The bottom line

The above tips will help you create an ATS-friendly resume that will have a high probability of making it through the ATS screening and land up in the hands of the hiring manager. You can take help from online resume services if you want to make sure that your resume is completely error-free. Also, many tools provide a comprehensive resume audit by analysing it for formatting, spelling, grammar and other vital factors that can impact your job application.

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