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How Much Should You Tip Hotel Housekeeping?


Housekeeping staff work hard to make sure your stay at a hotel is a pleasant experience. Tipping housekeeping staff is generally a widely accepted practice, but how much should you tip a hotel maid?

Most people end up wondering how much they should leave as a tip on their exit from a hotel and some people forget altogether. So, how do you decide on the amount to leave?

Evaluate the Mess

The mess you leave for hotel staff to clean up will have a direct link to how much you should tip. For example, a person traveling alone isn't likely to leave much mess but a family with small children or a stag party may leave a lot more.

If your housekeeping staff are working overtime to keep your room clean and tidy, you may want to throw a few extra dollars on the pile.

Where Are You Staying?

The amount you leave as a tip will also depend on where you're staying. If you're stopping off at a Motel6 for a night to break up your road trip, a few dollars will be appreciated. However, if you're at the Ritz Carlton for a week, you'll need to leave a bit more behind.

Of course, leaving a significant tip for someone working in a motel is always a nice thing to do and could make a substantial difference to their wage.

A Different Kind of Tip

If you're appreciative of your maid picking up your mess while you vacation, you may want to show your appreciation in a different way. For example, instead of adding more money to the tip, why not leave a bunch of flowers or some local sweet delicacies instead?

A thank you card is a great way of showing your appreciation too. If there's a language barrier, you could always ask the hotel reception staff to help you write it. Most hotels have reception staff that can translate for you.

Tip Etiquette

Unfortunately, some hotels don't allow their staff to take tips unless a note has been left. Without leaving a note, the hotel could assume that the tip is money that's been unnoticed and left behind.

It can be difficult to write a note in the haste of packing up and leaving, so write your note the evening before your departure. If you know your maid's name, write the name on the note so there's no confusion. Just a simple explanation of the money and a thank you is all that's needed.

How Much Should You Tip a Hotel Maid?

How much should you tip a hotel maid? There's no set answer. Your generosity is entirely up to you. However, you should consider the job that's been done and how appreciative you are.

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