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How Can a Perfect Time and Attendance System
Benefit Your Business

Every organization expects employees to work for a specific duration to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Therefore, most organizations invest in strategies to help employees work for or past the required durations. Some of these strategies adopted include motivation, reward, and punishment systems, and the latest is the automated time attendance system.

Time and attendance systems keep evolving from manual techniques such as manual time keeping to current advanced and automated systems to monitor employee logins and activities. Automated systems can benefit organizations in different ways. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Promoting remote working

Remote working is a game changer for most organizations. It helps organizations cut costs such as renting office spaces, heating, and cooling costs. Since employees work from their homes, the organization eliminates many overhead expenses. However, remote working affects how the organization can monitor the employees to ensure they work for the required duration and time.

Remote working has particular challenges such as declining productivity, lack of responsibility, and employee laziness. Therefore, the organization must have efficient systems to deal with these challenges.

The best time and attendance systems will monitor when employees log into the system, the duration they spend working, what they do on the laptops, and how long. This ensures the organization deals with the shortcomings of remote working and, in the process, enjoys the benefits.

Time and Attendance System

2. Policy compliance and reports

Every employee must have leave days annually; however, they should have the days when they prove to be working for the required amount per day. For instance, someone working for about 6 hours daily, less than the recommended 8 hours, should get shorter leave days. Through the systems, the organization can monitor the hours worked by the employees and how many leave days they deserve. Those working for longer hours can get longer leave days.

The system will also ensure the organization abides by the policies to create a conducive work environment. It can help the human resources department monitor how long employees work and recommend remedies to avoid stress and strain, especially for employees who work longer. The company can monitor the employees' work activities and sometimes shut the system remotely to ensure they do not overwork and succumb to work-related stress.

Time and Attendance System

3. Motivations and rewards

Organizations have different criteria to motivate and reward employees. One of the criteria is the productivity expressed in terms of sales target, project delivery, completion, etc. However, the most recent metric is the duration spent working. One gets a reward based on how long they spend on the company systems and networks.

The systems paired with a data analytics system will determine the duration employees spend working and help the organization choose high achievers vs. low achievers. This will help create a perfect reward system to motivate high achievers to work harder. In the process, everyone will compete for the awards boosting the organization's profitability.

Time and Attendance System

4. Boosting the payment systems

Organizations tend to pay employees based on the contractual agreement for contractual works. However, this is changing as some organizations adopt hourly and performance-based payments to curb employee laziness. The company will pay based on the employees meeting the required work hours; otherwise, they get less pay. The system can help employees and the company harmonize the payment process to ensure the company does not lose while employees gain despite doing less.

It is also critical for other payments such as bonuses and overtime allowances. The employees will get the right allowances based on the system recorded over time. The organization will pay bonuses to only those who deserve the wards and not everyone. The system can streamline teamwork and ensure team members do not gain cash rewards and benefits at the expense of those working harder.

5. Impact on employee morale and productivity

The motivation system streamlines the rewards systems, bonus, and allowance payments. These payments can be a greater motivation for employees to work harder for appreciation. It can also help the employees plan their holidays and seek longer leave durations based on their working hours. Following the guidelines of these systems and criteria on rewards and motivation, employees are likely to work harder to reap more benefits. The system will boost their morale, hence boosting their productivity, and improving the organization's performance.

6. Real-time analysis

Organizations should make decisions based on the real-time data they have within the systems. They should have the data to back every decision hence the need for time and attendance systems. It provides real-time data on employee performance, time spent on specific activities, and the ability to complete certain tasks within particular durations. This will help the organization make real-time decisions on scheduling the tasks, forming teams, and assigning different responsibilities to the employees.

It can also help the company monitor performance and predict annual output and other performance metrics. It can also help the organization formulate new key performance indicators. The leading performance indicators for organizations are the project output, sales, and other quantity metrics. However, the attendance systems will introduce time as a new metric for determining project success.

Time and Attendance System


The time and attendance system can benefit organizations and employees in different ways. It will motivate employees through bonuses and the suitable allowances, and they can also claim more leave days. It will help the organization boost productivity, boost the uptake of remote working and abide by policies to create a conducive work environment.

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