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Things to do during Eid-Al-Adha in Dubai 2024

Hello Travellers! We exactly know your feelings about Eid and your zeal towards it. So, here we are to keep your enthusiasm on point and constant. 

So, the festival of Eid-Al-Adah is coming from Sunday evening, June 16th, 2024 - Monday, June 17th, 2024. Want to make your festival special? Then, what can be better than celebrating Eid-Al-Adah in Dubai?

Okay! How about watching wonderful fireworks, visiting the best places, and indulging in a good feast? Sounds amazing, right? 

Don’t worry, your savior, Next Holidays, is here to help you find things to do during Eid-Al-Adah in Dubai. And also if you want to knowEid-Al-Adha prayer timings in the UAE, here we go!

Best Fireworks during Eid in Dubai 

Who won’t like the idea of the colorful and breathless beauty of the city during fireworks, right?

When it comes to sky-scraping buildings and luxurious shopping, then we can consider Dubai City. So, to make you feel for the dazzling fireworks, some of the fireworks places are here. 

Burj Khalifa Fireworks 

The tallest building, Burj Khalifa, has the power to create an everlasting reputation in every person’s mind. At the time of the Eid celebration, the whole building lights up and looks like it has created a colorful and alluring painting on canvas for people. 

If you are celebrating Eid-al-Adha in Dubai and you missed the opportunity, then it would be a regret. The prices for fireworks are reasonable and start at 9 pm. 

Fireworks Above Paradise - The Palm Jumeirah 

We would recommend this place, as it is worth going to and enjoying the fireworks. As the night gets darker, you can feel the vibe of fireworks here with your one and only. Here, you can soak your legs in the white sand and feel the moment. This breathtaking view will fill the sky with light and joy. 

Lights, Camera Fireworks 

The nightlife in Dubai is more special during Eid. There are a lot of alluring insights that will just blow your mind. This place has organized fireworks and is known for its amazing visuals and vibrant colors. 

So, if you want to see Free Eid Fireworks in UAE & Dubai, then come to experience these mesmerizing lights at Lights, Camera Fireworks. 

Wait! There is much more left. 

Best Places to Visit

We all know, that Eid is the festival to cherish your moments with your close ones. The festival rejoices your heart with gratitude and delight. 

So, if you want to express your love to your loved ones, we would love to suggest the best places. 

Atlantis, the Palm

The multi-exposure place is where you can explore the beach as well as enjoy the city vibes. This can be the best place for celebrating Eid-al-Adha in Dubai. Here, you can enjoy sunbathing on shimmering white sand near the sea. You can also enjoy the adventures of dolphins.

It also has various amazing activities to indulge in, such as water rides, beach sports, and shopping streets. 

Downtown Dubai

Do not forget to visit this happening place for the Eid celebration. You can spend some quality time with your family and friends while sightseeing in Burj Khalifa and the magical fountain show at Dubai Mall. 

In the evening, you can also spend time listening to music and watching live shows. At this place, you can also enjoy shopping on the streets and yummy meals. 

Dubai Opera

If you want to feel elegance and sophistication, you should attend an enchanting show at this place. It is also known for providing fun live concerts at the time of Eid.

You can hear peaceful Arabian, jazz, and classical music to calm your mind and body, this can be a perfect getaway for celebrating Eid-al-Adha in Dubai.

Famous Eid-al-Adha Food

Guys, do not consider the cuisine of Eid only food because this is a FEELING!

A good meal has a special place in our hearts, right? Do you want to seize the day with delicious delicacies that can make you smile and bring you happiness? Yes, then some of the popular dishes for celebrating Eid-al-Adha in Dubai are as follows-


It is the most delightful and specially prepared dish for the festival month. The dish is small and deeply fried dumplings that are an important part of Eid cuisine in Middle Eastern countries. 

The dish is also garnished with date syrup, honey, and sugar syrup to give them a crispy and sweet flavor. 

Mutton Korma 

This is the specialty and highlight of the celebration. It is a tasty dish with fragrant curry that contains tender pieces of mutton. The special feature of the dish is that it is made with a spicy yogurt gravy for its creamy texture, along with various spices. You can enjoy the dish with rice or bread. 


The benefit of celebrating Eid-al-Adha in Dubai is that you can try various types of sweets here. We all know sweets are the most important thing in the festival and Maamoul is one of them. 

It is a traditional Middle Eastern cookie often made at the time of the festive season. 

The dish is filled with dates, nuts, and figs, these cookies are like small packets to satisfy your soul with a delicious taste. It can also be given as a gift during the festival season. 

Let Next Holidays Make Your Eid-Al-Adha in Dubai Special!!

So, people, Eid is the festival to spread joy and happiness and to show gratitude. This is the festival of spending time with closed ones. Let’s spread love and kindness to each other to make the day more special.

Right! Then what stops you from spending interesting time with your loved ones and getting lost in the city’s beautiful and colorful festive vibes? Looking for the Best Countries to Visit Near Dubai During Eid Holidays?

Come fast to explore the most happening and amazing experiences of your life at Next Holidays. 

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