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The History and Current Situation of
Thai Ladyboy Phenomenon

The shemales in Thailand are mainly concentrated in Bangkok and Pattaya, especially in Pattaya. Pattaya is a famous tourist destination in Thailand. It is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and unspoiled coastline. It leans against the mountains and the sea and has a pleasant climate in all seasons. There are two famous ladyboy cabaret troupes in the city, you can watch the highest level of ladyboy art performances.

In Thailand, ladyboys generally come from poor families with difficult livelihoods. It can be said that almost no rich children are willing to be ladyboys. In Thailand, there are schools specialized in training ladyboys. It is usually cultivated from the age of two or three years. The way of training is based on femininity, women's clothing, dress, women's behavior, women's hobbies. At the same time, the more important point is to take female hormone medicine. The effect of this drug is to inhibit the development of male reproductive organs, promote metabolism in the body, and develop towards women. Usually, there is a period of more than ten years of medication. After more than ten years, male physiological characteristics will gradually shrink. For example, the male penis will become short and small, and the skin will become smooth and shiny. The buttocks and chest will be more developed. The subcutaneous fat increases, the skin is elastic, the breast milk grows rapidly, and it is taller, rounder and taller than ordinary women. Learn more Ladyboy Meeting Places in Bangkok

During this period, the school has to teach many skills. For example, let them learn dance and become familiar with sounds. Practicing qigong is an extremely arduous process. The legs, waist, head, hands, feet, etc. must undergo strict and standardized training. The pain of such training is unbearable for ordinary women. In order to cultivate a group of outstanding actors, some ladyboy art schools or art groups also select ladyboys and send them abroad, such as the United States, Japan, or other countries for further study. Therefore, the level of shemale art performance is quite high.

Many Westerners on the go in Pattaya and other hot places in Thailand have been trapped. If not everyone brags about it, the stories of those who testify on the forums of the net are particularly eloquent and spicy. Barely landed, they start chasing and are quickly approached by very pretty, very feminine, slender, and well-furnished girls. Only small problem, these seducers are not really women but boys who have gone through some transformations. And when the revelation is late, the situation becomes frankly embarrassing! Especially since, as Stick, the famous New Zealand blogger reminds us, some can be very aggressive. They are called “Ladyboys”, “Katoeys” in Thai, or even transsexuals in good French.

It's a local specialty! The regulars know this and are on their guard, except for the followers of the third sex who, on the contrary, seek their company. “When you meet a beautiful woman, beware, it's probably a man. »In Thailand, this joke is very widespread as it is true that the most beautiful women are "ladyboys". It is both striking and disturbing! There are even specific beauty contests, the most popular of which achieve a very high audience on a major national channel. Again, tolerance requires, most Thai people are absolutely not shocked. On the contrary, they find the show amusing. The fact that Thai Buddhism recognizes four different genders (male, female, dual nature, and unusual sexual nature) may also encourage this attitude!

So much so that Thai surgeons have specialized in sex reassignment operations and are attracting a growing number of candidates from all over the world. However, it seems that most "katoeys" do not go to the final stage, the removal of the penis, and are satisfied with hormonal treatments. The statistics on this are very vague. We are talking about 10,000 to 100,000 accomplished transsexuals in Thailand, that is to say, the degree of imprecision! It is also believed that they are more numerous because the society is permissive and tolerant, discrimination is less there and they are therefore more visible than elsewhere. Failing to be recognizable!

Because it is often difficult, especially for a man, to distinguish them. In addition to predispositions for the female gender, the candidates have fine features, are often beardless, and begin their transformation very early, sometimes from the age of 12! The height, the feet, the build, or the jaw can provide some indications. Adam's apple? Not even because a small incision is enough for the surgeon to "plane" it. Surprisingly, the most reliable detection criterion is often to be sought elsewhere, in a sort of exuberance of behavior that results in excessive feminine gestures. In short, a propensity to do a little too much!

A characteristic that we find especially in those who have chosen to prostitute themselves. Which, contrary to popular belief, is not the case for all “katoeys”. Many of them are perfectly inserted and integrated into Thai social life, pursue studies and exercise completely honorable professions. Unsurprisingly, most are moving towards jobs that are more feminine in nature. Thus, the new airline PC Air has just hired four transgender “hostesses”. And as Peter Chan, owner of this company, says: “I challenge anyone to realize that these are not real women! In view of the photo below, we readily believe it.

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