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The Art and Science of Storytelling

As they say, everyone has a story to tell. When I think of generations of yesteryear, I can only imagine the myriads of people that never had a chance or opportunity to pass their stories to their descendants to learn from. Thankfully, people nowadays live longer lives and have the ability to easily share their stories through the written word, video, audio, and powerful online tools and communities to assist them with better habits and storytelling skills.

The power of storytelling is truly marvelous - it can heal you physically, spiritually, and mentally. While you might be hesitant, feel that you are unworthy, or just think you do not have the time - your time has come. Many of us are in the habit of a form of storytelling through posting on social media, anyway. In terms of forming proper habits, if one commits to 15 minutes of the course of three days, that may be enough to make it a conscious habit.

Learn more about the art and science of storytelling in the powerfully visual deep dive below:

The Art and Science of Storytelling
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