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The contemporary technology we have today makes things easier for both businesses and consumers by making it readily available in an easily accessible format. Despite the reality that it is among the most ancient and most significant sectors globally, the jewellery industry cannot be free from this argument.

Since the introduction of eCommerce, the online jewellery sector has seen substantial expansion. In this article, we will look at the top 5 providers of software solutions directed at various areas of the business and their products.

1. Evotech Pacific

On Evotech Pacific has introduced two new software products to aid production and retail jewellers. The Evotech Vendor Store allows jewellers who do not have a website or do not have an e-commerce feature on their website to set up their independent e-commerce web store. Retailers may register their company names and submit photos of their goods to sell via the Vendor shop.

Retail jewellers can also publish a brief of their needs, including photographs and sketches, to the Evotech Marketplace. After that, the brief may be given to registered designers, who can review it and submit a quotation. Both merchants and designers may register for free on the marketplace.

2. Logimax Technologies

The supply and exchange of gold must be risk-free and trackable to be successful. Logimax Technologies, a software product development firm that caters primarily to the jewellery sector began operations in 2000, serving industries such as the bullion trade, jewellery makers, and wholesale and retail jewellers.

Because bullion is a volatile and costly asset, Logimax Technologies offers bullion traders physical trading platforms and a risk management system.

3. iDiamondCloud

As a market leader in the provision of jewellery technology, iDiamondCloud, situated in the United States, offers cloud-based ERP software for jewellery makers and merchants. The company is instrumental in assisting the jewellery industry in obtaining solutions in dynamic ranges suitable for eCommerce applications.

Numerous capabilities are included in the solution, including a speech response system via which a voice command to the program may redeem inventory, indicate the stock on hand, or even show how many sales a specific salesperson has made.

4. Apex Actsoft Technologies

Apex Actsoft Technologies, based in Thane, is a software firm that manages gem tech software with a unique solution known as GEM9. It is easy for GEM9 to manage several showrooms with an online branch connection, which gives the headquarters full insight into daily activity at the showroom, including sales and stock situations at different branches.

GEM9 is a powerful company management solution that is continually improving to meet the needs of its users.

5. Ishal Inc

When it comes to jewellery retail shop management software, WJewel Management System by Ishal Inc is the most comprehensive solution available. It simplifies and organizes the whole retail store management process, from buying through point-of-sale.

With it, you can manage all aspects of your retail business, including sales, appraisals, and customer relationship management. It also handles repair orders, accounts receivable/payable, scrap gold purchases, store credits, gift cards, salesman commissions, and banking and employee hours tracking.

In summary, jewellery-specific software solutions are more likely to meet your company's operational and business demands than general software packages. Shorter deployment and learning curves may be achieved using industry-specific software that meets all of your demands.

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