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Technology in Our Life Today and
How It Has Changed

By Lilian Chifley

For several years now, technology has changed our lives and revolutionized our world. The rapid advancement in technology has led to the creation of great resources and tools that we can easily access any time we want.

Modern technology has led to the discovery of several functional and utility devices such as the smartphone and the smartwatch hence making our lives better, easier, faster and fun.

Think of how modern technology has changed the way we communicate. Your message does not have to take days to be delivered. You can call anyone you think of regardless of which part of the world you are. You can even see each other through video calls.

Digital technology has changed the meaning of the word ‘media.’ Today, a media company does not necessarily mean a news platform. A media company is simply a company that helps in passing information around the world.

Active web users in the world today are approximately 3.2 billion people. This means that half of the world’s population uses the internet every single day. Two million smartphones are bought every day. The urge to get more information is very strong. And social media platforms have the kind of information most people want.

Social media has had an impact in everyone’s life. It allows you to connect with your friends and other people across the world and share information. Not only is it useful in sharing information, but it is also fun to use. Most people cannot stay for a couple of hours without refreshing their social media pages.

Before the technological revolution, if you wanted to know something, you had to go to the library and read a book that had the answers you are seeking. If you wanted to know the meaning of a word, you had to search it through a dictionary. Today, all you need to do is search the word or the question you have in mind on the internet and there it comes with much more than you had requested.

Just like Besttermpaper, technology has made our life incredible. And the future is still bright. In a few years to come, we will be discussing about robots working in big factories and cars that drive themselves. Now, let’s discuss six crucial ways in which technology has transformed our lives...

1. Technology and communication

It all started with scrolls then paper and now its Skype, Facebook and Twitter. One hundred years ago, you had to write a letter to communicate with anyone. The letter could take a couple of days before it was delivered. Not to forget that there were errors and your letter could get lost on the way.

Today, science and technology have made communication efficient, easier and instant. All you need to do is to write a message and click the send button. If its urgent, you can call and talk to the other person right there.

Similar to RushMyEssay, social media platforms are now a part of our daily lives. Regardless of your location, your message will be delivered at the same speed as compared to when the person is seated right next to you.

2. Technology and money transfer

You do not need to queue in a bank to withdraw money. You do not need to enter a bank to transfer money to someone else. In fact, most banks have developed their own online platforms to make it possible for you to register and perform any transaction you want.

Companies such as PayPal have a platform where anyone with an active account can receive or send money to any location so long as there is an internet connection.

Thanks to technology, you can pay your bills at the comfort of your home. Forget the days when you used to carry cash when going shopping. With your smartphone and a banking app, you can perform any kind of transaction. Just like cheap essay service, electronic money transfer is very convenient.

3. Technology and the TV Industry

Technology has changed and will change for the better how we watch television. Today, you can rewind live TV in case you missed something, pause it and control it depending on your preferences. What is happening in TV industry and ResumesPlanet Review is just incredible.

Using your smartphone, you can watch anything you want, how you want and when you want. The digital space television is indeed limitless. If you missed an episode of your favorite sitcom, YouTube is there to help you catch up on anything you missed.

Families are enjoying the ability to watch their favorite shows and movies on small screens. Using the pay-Tv platform, a family can watch different programs on different screens. Technology has truly revolutionized the television set. The modern television sets have Wi-Fi which enables them to connect to the internet.

4. Technology and education

Technology has changed the education system and our learning methods. In the past, we were not able to get information and data quickly and flexibly. We had to walk or take a bus to school.

Today, thanks to technology, we have online schools. You can learn anything you need to learn to be successful in your field of specialization. All you need is a computer and internet.

It used to take days to finish reading a book. Today, you can complete reading the same book in a few hours.

You can easily download an audiobook and listen to it any time you want. You can read and listen to book summaries in a matter of minutes instead of reading the entire book. If you do not understand how to work out a math question or essay writing, you can watch examples on YouTube. Learning is not only easier today, but fun too. Forget the boring professor and his long lectures.

5. Technology and dating

Technology has made it possible for the development of dating platforms that help people to connect with their matches. All you need to do to find your perfect match is to register on your preferred dating platform. You can then search your match to get more information about him or her.

Today, online dating platforms have millions of active users. They have received lots of excellent reviews from every corner of the world. The biggest advantage about dating apps is you can connect with your matches with speed and not waste time. It is simple, straightforward and safe. And yes, it works.

6. Technology and security

Technology has enhanced our security in ways we never imagined possible before. You do not need a padlock to secure your home or business. With smart locks, your home or business is very secure. CCTV cameras have been embraced today especially by entrepreneurs like never before. Since technology revolutionized security, cases of theft and vandalism have reduced drastically.


Technology has changed every aspect of our lives. The ways discussed above are some of the fundamental ways in which technology has transformed our lives. The future is bright. What has been discovered will be nothing compared to what is to come.

Instead of being overwhelmed by technology, you should embrace it and find more ways in which it can improve our lives. Technology is here to serve you. Control technology in your life. Do not allow it to control you. Technology is a good servant but a bad master.

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