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The Perfect Team Building Activity
in Edmonton or Calgary

Research has showed that quest rooms offer the perfect opportunity to test your employees' team-building skills.

Escape Room In Calgary, Edmonton

#1 Can help develop time and task management skills

There's no workplace that exists that doesn't require specific tasks to be completed in a certain timeline. This is just a basic part of everything life most of us tend to either create lists of tasks by breaking down larger ones are divide tasks in the smaller more manageable ones whichever method we use quest rooms are designed specifically to encourage activity and get your team to reach an overarching goal.

#2 Fosters teamwork

When you visit escape room in Edmonton or Calgary, we built our quest rooms on the premise of collaboration. When a team enters a quest room, it will require them to communicate and work together to achieve a mutual goal efficiently and quickly. A combination of physical challenges and puzzles would require some people to direct others and for the team to combine their individual strengths to overcome the various problems they encounter.

#3 Helps identify team players and leaders

Escape Room In Calgary, Edmonton

Every organization needs team players and team leaders. As a business owner or manager you will need someone you can trust to lead your team, but you all need to know that the people you're employing are happy to work together. Interviews are only one way of identifying these strengths but using the facilities that Escape Hour in Calgary and Edmonton and using their question can help HR and other managers actively see their team leaders in operation and how their team will operate confined timed and high pressure environment.

#4 Test Communication skills

Communication Central to the success of any organization: when you're trying to complete a question in escape power in Edmonton or Calgary, you will be required to communicate with your teammates. The ability to monitor your employees communication skills and how the effectively they can work together, identify and solve problems to effective communication can clearly be identified even on the way from the locker room to the quest room,

Contact Escape Hour today and talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly game hosts if you have any questions or queries regarding our guest rooms and how best we can use them for team-building activities. The skills your team will learn in our question are easily transferable to the wider world.

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