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Tag Heuer: 5 Things You Need to Know
About This Luxurious Brand

TAG Heuer is one of the brands belonging to the long-list of the world’s leading luxury watch brands available today. It offers a solid history of both innovation and deep connections with automobile racing, sports timing, and many more. They have also released an elegant smartwatch and a series of innovative developments in ultra-fast mechanical chronographs.

Offering many models and collections to everyone, patron buyers, and watch collectors to choose from. If ever you are looking for another top brand of watch added to your preferred list, opting for Tag Heuer is the best-ever decision you can make. Here in this article, we have listed the five things you need to know about the brand and why it’s still prominent in the business industry for a long time already. To find out, simply keep scrolling below.

1. Sporting roots

In 1933, Tag Heuer’s first-ever pillar design was Tag Heuer Autavia. Since its first release, the watch immediately turned into a staple for individuals in the racing and aviation industry. The timepiece’s name is derived from the combination words of “automobile” and “aviation.” It is best identified as a sleek yet functional watch that offers excellent features. Aside from it, more models and collections are introduced by the brand in the market.

Looking back to Tag Heuer’s history, the company was founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860. The brand’s first-ever watchmaking workshop was located precisely in St-Imier, in the Swiss Jura region. The company then built its reputation for precision timekeeping and quality craft. Then, it led to becoming a specialist in the field of sporting events.

2. First Swiss Watch in Space

If you think of a brand that mechanical watches in space, TAG Heuer isn’t the first one you consider. You should, because the brand was the first-ever Swiss watch in space. President John F. Kennedy announced the goal of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth in May 1961. That man himself was John Glenn and was recorded flying the Mercury “Friendship 7” mission on February 20, 1962. Based on history, Glenn was wearing a Heuer 2915A stopwatch on his wrist while orbiting the Earth three times. The timepiece he wore served as the mission back-up timer, and it functioned and was used in space. The said watch is now kept at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

3. Simplifying the Chronograph

Back in the old days, when excellent engineering outdoes the watch business industry’s marketing sides, movement designers have looked to create types with fewer moving parts. Purposely, to make them more comfortable and more reliable to use. Edouard Heuer created and patented the “oscillating pinion” in 1887, which worked on the timepiece. This development is as yet utilized by significant movement manufacturers these days.

The assessment couples decouple the chronograph, stopwatch, component, and standard timekeeping gear train that powers it. The opinion had replaced a more intricate system. It is to simplify manufacturing, adjustment, and service in order to provide great timekeeping and dependability. This advancement permitted more mechanical chronographs to be created at a lower cost, which seems like a success right around.

4. Quicker and Faster

Another significant technical accomplishment came in 1916 for Tag Heuer, when Charles-Auguste Heuer introduced the original and first-ever Mikrograph. It was the primary mechanical stopwatch ready to measure 1/100th of a second. The movement’s rate was 360,000 vph to accomplish this–multiple times quicker than the 36,000 vph chronographs that we ordinarily consider as “fast.’ The original Mikrograph revolutionized sports timekeeping and filled in as the official stopwatch used for the 1920 Olympics.

5. The Carrera

The brand’s most notable models are related to automobile racing, and perhaps the most popular model is the Carrera. Jack Heuer proposed the name soon after assuming responsibility for his uncle’s company. The name originated from the Carrera Panamericana, a well-known dangerous race run on public roads in Mexico dating back from 1950 to 1954.

Jack Heuer was aiming to make a watch for race car drivers. It must be entirely reliable and extreme enough to withstand the drivers’ vibrations during a race. The outcome is a watch that has accomplished cult status.

In a Nutshell

For the best clocks and sports watches, the Tag Heuer has been named a legendary brand for more than a century already. And it even continuously makes its name so prominent as the luxury choice of many. They have been so popular with producing high-caliber models and collections of watches, primarily notable for their precision chronographs. History has proven that this unique identity has made them win many prestigious partnerships, particularly with professional racing teams and championships. The brand “Tag Heuer” is now a household name for this sport type.

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