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Swaraj 855 Tractor - Complete Package for All Your Farming Needs

If you are in the market for a powerful, reliable, and efficient tractor that can handle all your farming needs, look no further than the Swaraj 855 FE tractor. Built to meet the demands of modern farming, Swaraj 855 FE is an all-rounder tractor that can manage a variety of agriculture applications. With its powerful performance and range of features, Swaraj 855 FE is truly a complete package for Indian farmers. Let us check out the key features and benefits of the Swaraj 855 FE tractor in India that make it an excellent choice for farmers.

Top Specifications of the Swaraj 855 Tractor

Swaraj 855 FE is undoubtedly a top-performing and dependable tractor for fulfilling all your farming demands. Here are the key specifications of Swaraj 855 FE:

  • Engine: The robust engine of the Swaraj 855 FE delivers excellent power and torque, enabling the tractor to carry out different agricultural tasks with ease. Its power output is in the range of 50-55 horsepower to provide reliable performance and improved fuel efficiency, making it suitable for demanding farming operations.
  • Transmission: The Swaraj 855 FE tractor comes with a single or optional dual clutch system for its two-wheel drive variable. Its four-wheel drive variant has a double clutch. The clutch facilitates disengagement and engagement of power from the engine to the transmission, allowing smooth gear changes. The tractor is equipped with an 8 Forward + 2 Reverse partial constant mesh gearbox. This configuration provides a range of speed options to suit various farming operations and terrain conditions. The partial constant mesh gearbox ensures quick and accurate gear engagement.
  • Hydraulics: The tractor has a lifting capacity of up to 1500 kg, enabling it to operate heavy implements and loads effectively. Swaraj 855 FE features an Automatic Depth and Draft Control system, which allows for precise control of the implement depth and maintains consistent performance while working in varying soil conditions.
  • Power Take-Off: The PTO power output of Swaraj 855 FE 4WD is 46 horsepower. This power rating indicates the amount of power available at the PTO shaft for driving implements and machinery. The PTO speed of Swaraj 855 FE is 540 RPM. This is the standard PTO speed commonly used in agricultural applications, making this model compatible with a long list of tractor implements.

Swaraj 855 for All Your Farming Needs

Swaraj 855 is an ideal choice for farmers seeking a reliable, versatile, and high-performing tractor for their agricultural needs. With its powerful engine, versatility, comfort, fuel efficiency and excellent after-sales support, the Swaraj 855 ensures that farmers can efficiently tackle challenging agricultural tasks while maximizing productivity and minimizing operational costs.

Power & Performance

The Swaraj 855 tractor boasts a powerful engine that produces high power output, enabling it to tackle a range of agricultural tasks effortlessly. Its top-notch performance empowers the tractor to operate heavy-duty implements such as ploughs, cultivators, seed drills, and other equipment, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity in the field.


Farming is a demanding occupation, and operating a tractor for extended hours can be exhausting for the driver. Nevertheless, the Swaraj 855 prioritizes the comfort of the operator. It incorporates a comfortable seating arrangement, ergonomic controls, and user-friendly features to ensure that the driver can work for long periods without experiencing fatigue. Additionally, the tractor's smooth power steering enhances manoeuvrability, making it effortless to navigate through fields and tight spaces. By considering the well-being of the driver, the Swaraj 855 promotes a comfortable and efficient working environment on the farm.


The Swaraj 855 tractor stands out for its remarkable versatility. It is equipped with a three-point linkage system that enables farmers to effortlessly connect a diverse array of implements and equipment to suit their unique agricultural needs. Whether the task at hand involves ploughing the land, sowing seeds, or performing other agricultural operations, the Swaraj 855 can easily adapt, serving as a flexible and adaptable companion for all your farming endeavours.

Fuel Efficient

In the present era, where sustainability and cost-effectiveness are paramount, the Swaraj 855 tractor stands out for its exceptional fuel efficiency. Its engine is meticulously designed to optimize fuel consumption, resulting in reduced operating costs and a minimized environmental footprint. With the Swaraj 855, you can work efficiently while maintaining control over your fuel expenses, ensuring a harmonious balance between productivity and economic viability.

Durability & Reliability

In farming, equipment must withstand rigorous usage in varying conditions. The Swaraj 855 tractor embodies durability, showcasing a robust construction and top-notch components. It is specifically engineered to withstand demanding farming tasks and challenging terrains, ensuring long-lasting dependability. This durability not only translates into lower maintenance and repair expenses but also grants farmers peace of mind and uninterrupted farming operations, making the Swaraj 855 a trusted companion in the field.

After Sales Support

Swaraj has built a strong reputation for its exceptional after-sales service and customer support. Their extensive network of service centres and dealerships guarantees quick assistance and availability of genuine spare parts. This comprehensive support system ensures that farmers can depend on Swaraj for all their maintenance, repair, and technical needs throughout the lifespan of their tractors. With Swaraj's reliable and accessible support, farmers can experience peace of mind and uninterrupted operations, knowing that assistance is just a call or visit away.

Swaraj 855 Tractor Price in India

The Swaraj 855 tractor is available in two variants, namely, 2WD and 4WD. The Swaraj 855 price in India ranges from 8.80 lakhs* to 9.80 lakhs*. On the other hand, you will have to pay more for the 4WD model. The Swaraj 855 4x4 price in India is around 10.50 lakhs*. This pricing is a good value for money. It offers a combination of features, performance, and reliability at a competitive price point. The Swaraj brand is well-known for manufacturing durable and reliable tractors, and the Swaraj 855 model is no exception.


The Swaraj 855 tractor is a high-performing machine designed to meet farmers' diverse farming requirements. It boasts a powerful engine, offering both strength and versatility for carrying out various agricultural tasks. The tractor prioritizes the comfort of the operator while also excelling in fuel efficiency to minimize operational costs and reduce environmental impact. Invest in the Swaraj 855 tractor by purchasing it from Tractorkarvan and embark on a farming journey with utmost satisfaction.

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