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Want to Achieve Success in the
Human Resource Profession?


By Ritesh Patil

Every company has a different work culture. It encompasses the visions, ideas, values, norms, working language, process and habits of the team who works together. A responsible HR can manage and develop the company’s work environment. HR dedicatedly manages the recruiting process, maintains benefits and payroll structure, also she focuses on training and development process. HR is playing a pivotal role in a company’s success. So, without the further ado, let’s start the discussion about such points that make an HR profession more successful in this competitive field.

What HR Does in a Company?

Many HR achieved success in their field by treating employees as their treasure customers.

Definitely, in this article, we will not reveal any secret mantra of being a successful HR. But HR can easily achieve their desired trump through the power of communication and intelligence.

Here we are going to shed light on the basic responsibilities of the HR department:

  • New Employee Hiring Strategically:
    t’s HR’s job to present qualified, reliable talent to the company.
  • Managing Benefits:
    Also it’s HR’s duty to take care of all employees benefits such as health insurance, other policies, and their accommodations.
  • Superior Training Experience:
    HR is the person who elevates the workforce and delivers proper training to the employees to polish their skills.
  • Make Employees Happy:
    HR is quite famous for their innovative ideas that actually boost the employees' spirit. It is an important responsibility for HR to make office culture integration easier.
  • Legal Concerns:
    HR team should be aware of the labor and employment laws. They ensure that the company should follow the law. And they are handling carefully all intolerance harassment complaints that come under this law.
  • Fixing All Interoffice Conflicts:
    Lastly, human research professionals get specialized training that makes them able to resolve all interoffice conflicts and complaints.

A responsible HR always gives his/her best to solve all issues in a minimal time frame. Actually, HR is not just an employee he is the pillar of a company who always try to give a healthy environment to the employees.

7 Major Functions of the HR Profession

For large conglomerates and small businesses alike, the HR team can give much more than simply managing payroll or processing the yearly open enrollment season.

Furthermore, the HR department is playing a pivotal role in developing or modifying a company's strategy as well as the HR management team is focusing on the employee-centered activities of a company.

Here we are going to highlight 7 major functions of HR that make their profession more important and we believe a successful HR follows these unavoidable points to achieve success in its arena.

  1. Design the Recruitment Process:
    Firstly, the HR department is analyzing the company’s requirements then they start connecting people who have suitable educational knowledge and experience for the position.

    After that HR starts working on the interview procedure. Sometimes they make various interview strategies that help them to identify the perfect one. The aim of the HR is to deliver the right person for the right position.

  2. Orientation Process:
    Many companies think the orientation process isn't essential for new employees. Actually, it’s the fundamental step that helps an employee adjust to the new work culture. A well-framed orientation Program is identifying the ideologies and objectives of the company. Arranging a depth orientation program is one of the core tasks of the human resource department.

    It helps new employees understand the assigned duties, the exact job role, job description, and the workflow. You can say it gives the right direction to the new employees that they can follow.

  3. Employees’ Training and Development Process:
    After appointing the most eligible candidates, the next step is to deliver proper training to them. New employees need effective training program where they can clarify all their doubts.

    In this program, seniors get chance to interact with new talent and they discuss valuable inputs that help the employees to shine in their future.

    Basically, the aim of the training program is to increase the employees' abilities, skills, and knowledge that make them prepare for all competitive tasks.

  4. Performance Improvement Process:
    Human resources management team improves performance process in an effective way.

    HR team builds a strategy that can easily quantify employees performance. This process is beneficial for both the employer and the employee too.

    This performance measure program helps the employee get great increment from the company.

  5. Compensation Benefits:
    Compensation and benefits functions are managed by senior HR. Compensation covers various points, such as cash compensation, life insurance, retirement plans, health insurance, disability insurance, and paid compensation for sick days.

    Compensation is an important part of the human resource policy, it encourages employees and develops organizational effectiveness.

    That means an attractive compensation process is extremely important for every company, it gives a reason for employees to stick with the company for a long period.

  6. Sustaining Business Model:
    Every company is dying to achieve sustainable business growth. With this succession planning process that HR team develops, a company easily identify their capable employees who can drive business success.

    This sustaining business model is an important function for the HR team, it highlights the company's stability and future success.

  7. Managerial Relations:
    As I mentioned, employees are the main support of any company. Managing employees’ relationship is a crucial task for the human resource team. The HR team has the ability to encourage people in the organization.

    Well-planned relationship process will encourage a balanced and healthy relationship among employees. It’s the key to success for all the companies.

Wrapping Up!

In a short note, HR can polish the company bottom line with their creative mindset that makes a positive impact on organizational success.

HR strategic management gives their valuable inputs that influence the corporate decision-making process.

If you follow the above steps correctly then you will achieve success in your human resource professionals in a minimal time frame.

Ritesh Patil Author's Bio:
Ritesh Patil is the Co-Founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in a leading mobile app development company with skilled iOS and android app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.
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