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The Subconscious Power of Color

While color is rarely directly considered when thinking about day to day life, it is uniquely important. Just like a smell or texture it’s something that’s taken in almost automatically. Regardless of one’s desire to be influenced by color, simply perceiving it creates influence. This is why marketers have slowly started to see the value of color.

Today red is known to lead to more sales conversions than any other color. This is why it is so prevalent in brands that directly sell products, things like fast food. While other colors like black are more sleek and work better for fancier brands. Looking outside of direct brand logos, colors also affect the home.

Light blue is one of the most popular colors in the world, and orange and yellow are some of the least. This is reflected in homes by looking at the colors of walls. While orange and yellow and even brown walls exist, they lower the value of the home. People care about color, it’s hard to recognize that influence though.

This is the psychology of color in marketing. It is one of the most important factors in decision making in marketing. It can alter the value of a house by thousands of dollars. And even in the most direct use, art, color can make or break a piece. So next time a new product or art piece comes to fame, look at the color. Maybe it’s what sets it apart.

Learn about the psychology of color in marketing, what color does to the brain, and colors that maximize your marketing value


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