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10 Stylish Ways To Put on a Kimono

Put on a Kimono

The kimono is one of the world's most recognisable garments when it comes to traditional wear. The word Kimono means ''Clothing''. The origin of the dress is from Japan and was worn quite a lot by Japanese women until the mid-19th century.

What is a Kimono Dress?

The kimono is known to be a traditional Japanese garment and also the national dress of Japan. In the Japanese language, it also means something to wear. In today's modern times, Kimono is seen as a loose, lightweight garment having flowy sleeves along with patterns and prints on the material. There are different types of Kimonos for different seasons and occasions for women to wear. Unlike normal wear, Kimonos are still likely to wear widely at special events like weddings, graduation ceremonies and much more.

A lightweight and layering Kimono is one garment that women can quickly wear in the Summer and Spring season, especially when the weather is too hot to wear a cardigan or denim jacket. Considering its breezy style that is open and flowy, a woman can quickly wear a Kimono with a pair of linen pants and top and also over a tee and shorts. One of the best things about having a Kimono in your closet is that you may quickly wear it casually and make an entire dressy look. For a casual vibe, add it to your tee, shorts, and sneakers, whereas for a whole formal look, wear it with a solid colour and a pair of high heels.

Where to wear a Kimono Dress?

A woman can wear a Kimono almost anywhere, depending on the occasion. You may wear it casually and on special occasions too. A formal one for special occasions like wedding ceremonies, graduation events, outdoor gatherings etc. There is a wide range of kimonos such as traditional, semi-formal, and informal that women can choose from and wear depending on occasions. These Kimonos can easily be differentiated depending on their design, cuttings, fabrics, colourful motifs, colours and decorative elements, etc. Apart from traditional, modern Kimonos are having an open front and are versatile in design. These Kimonos are highly desirable because of their easy-to-carry vibe for an everyday casual look to stay comfortable around the house or while travelling.

Put on a Kimono

10 Stylish Ways To Put on a Kimono

Whether you already own a Kimono or planning to buy one but not sure about ways to put it on in a way that matches your style statement. What makes a Kimono desirable enough to be worn by women across the globe is the fact that modest clothing depicts elegance and beauty, fashionably and comfortably. Here are some great suggestions to make a Kimono work, especially for your style statement and enhancing it to the level of your happiness and comfort too.

Kimono with Jeans

An easy and classiest way to add a sense of dressiness to your jeans is to wear them with Kimono jacket along with high heels and a pair of sunglasses.

Kimono with A Belt

One of the great ways to wear a Kimono jacket is to style it with a belt. The belt will help add some curves to the overall dress and make the coat look a bit blousy and trendy.

Put on a Kimono

Kimono with a Graphic Tee Shirt

Graphic t-shirts are never out of fashion and vibes with almost everything. Wearing a Kimono with a graphic t-shirt indeed gives it a more outdoor and easy-breezy vibe, especially in the summer season.

Kimono with a Denim Skirt

People may think that wearing a Kimono jacket with a denim skirt may give it a bossy look. It all depends on the kind of skirt you are wearing and the design ad cut of the dress, the neckline of the top you are wearing, and the accessories you are choosing to complete the overall look.

Put on a Kimono

Kimono with Layered Necklaces

Accessories are essential to shaping the overall look of an outfit. Layered necklaces are never out of fashion when appropriately worn with a classy establishment, and completing the face with a classy and elegant Kimono is something to cherish.

Boots and Kimono

Many would think that Kimono and Boots will not work together but do not decide unless you give it a try. Because this chic look indeed does work when complemented with the right accessories and top to wear.

A Lace Kimono

If you do own a silk and satin Kimono that you are in love with already, how about trying out a Lace Kimono to add more variety to your trendy closet. A lace kimono is perfect for your many summer looks.

Kimono with Fringes

Fringe is one of the most likeable trends when it comes to design a dope and modish outfit. If you are planning to wear a Kimono, create it with fringes on the bottom of your sleeves and see how the whole vibe of the business elevates—making it an ideal choice for both casual and semi-formal wear.

Put on a Kimono

A Velvet Kimono

A velvet kimono is everything a woman requires in her closet. Making it ideal for wearing on formal and special occasions, the velvet kimono is all about the fabric and colours. You can never go wrong with having a velvet Kimono and making it an ideal choice to wear at weddings or any big formal gathering.

Bridal Robe Kimono

An amazing fact about Kimonos is that in Japan, they are considered robes. If any wedding or bridal shower is coming up and you are kind of confused as to what to wear that will truly set you apart when it comes to the stylish, modish, elegant yet traditional look, get yourself a bridal kimono roble. It will indeed give the voguish and fashionable look and will be your ultimate favourite for many years to come.

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