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Men’s Performance Apparel:
Styling Outfits for Beyond The Gym

Outfits for Beyond The Gym

There’s a lot of clothing that men wear to the gym. From muscle shirts to athletic shorts to running shoes, you’ll see a few common threads in fashion whenever men are working out. However, sometimes you see men walking around in their everyday lives with the same gym clothes on… and they aren’t planning on working out.

Thankfully, gym and athletic clothes can be worn in a large variety of situations, and it’s all about how those clothes are styled. So if you want to learn about how to wear athletic clothes and look very good while doing it, this is the article for you!

Looking For Athleisure

Clothes that are comfortable enough to take to the gym but also equally comfortable for going to bed in, the athleisure style gives you some real versatility in your clothing style, and it also marries form and function perfectly! There’s a lot to love about men’s performance apparel, so starting to incorporate it into your out-and-about style is a good idea.

Keep Everything Lightweight With Shirts and Pants

A big part of style is comfort and function, and some plain workout shirts and pants can easily do that for you. While these shirts and pants can keep your body cool by flicking moisture away during a workout, their comfort level can also help keep you very stress free at work too! The fabric on these clothes is also very lightweight to keep you comfortable if you are either on your feet or sitting at a desk.

Just make sure to keep your clothing plain if you are going to wear them into an office or for work. While gym slogans or images can show your dedication, they are best worn in the gym or out and about, not on the company floor.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Well

Sometimes we are guilty of wanting to get in and get out whenever it comes to buying our clothes, even when buying gym clothes! We’ll snag something that’s cheap, or maybe a size too big or small just to save some extra money or time. While most athletes know that working out in clothes that aren’t just right can impede your workouts, they can also impede your style as well.

If you want to look good in your performance apparel while at the gym and while walking around, go the extra mile to ensure that everything fits. Make sure your shirts are not too tight and not too loose, that your shorts aren’t riding up, and that your shoes aren’t very tight.

Having clothes that don’t fit well can make you look sloppy, and they can also hide your true body shape. Skinny guys might look bigger in a shirt that doesn’t fit them, and guys with bigger forms might impede their movements with too tight clothing. So guys with muscle need to choose their apparel wisely. There are more brands emerging that solve this problem and provide shirts that fit muscular physiques as they should. You can find one of the most popular here.

Make Sure Your Colors Match

At the gym, no one is really discounting your style at all, because all they care about is seeing you hit your PR on a weight. However, whenever it comes to wearing that same athletic wear outside, you need to make sure you have some consistency. Make sure your shorts match your shirts in terms of color and style, such as wearing an athletic shirt with athletic shorts, and wear shoes that bring the whole look together.

Taking the time to make yourself look good while wearing gymware is the difference between you showing up to a location looking good, and in some cases looking like you just left the gym. No one wants that at all!

Be Sure To Wear Cooling Clothing

This might seem like an odd style tip to throw in, but most of the time you will be wearing gym clothes in very hot weather. While doing workouts outdoors, or doing a heavy workout indoors can allow you to work up a sweat, typically you are heading home to take a shower soon afterwards. But whenever you are out and about and get sweaty, a shower isn’t always an option, especially if you are overheating at the beginning of your day.

So make sure that your athletic gear has some form of cooling built into it. This could be moisture wicking fabric, clothes with some type of cooling technology built into them, clothes that absorb moisture, or a combination of the three. This won’t just keep you cool in the gym, but will also make sure your style isn’t cramped by sweat!

Style Your Athletic Wear Up!

Wearing athletic wear isn’t just for the gym anymore, and if you want to walk around showing all those gains that you have made in your time there, then styling your athletic gear is the best way to do it!

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