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Guide to Styling Hi Vis Polo Shirts

Fashion is now an integral part of society. We find people being interested in fashion for all sorts of reasons. They not only help in bringing out the best in people but also ensure that we have the most unique look amongst the crowd. It is no surprise that millions of people including men are now interested so much in fashion. One such integral part of men’s fashion is hi vis polo shirts. Let’s find out more about these shirsts from the following article.

Hi Vis Polo Shirts

What are Hi Vis Polo Shirts?

A polo shirt commonly also referred to as a golf shirt or tennis shirt, is an outfit with short sleeves and two or three buttons. Polo shirts are usually made from a cotton blend. These casual tops are a staple of wardrobes and a standard piece of tennis, golf, or school uniforms. Polo Shirts have been a part of the fashion industry for the better part of the century now. They have now become a staple of classic menswear.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Hi Vis Polo Shirts

Even though buying polo shirts does not require any effort, it can sometimes be very tricky to choose the perfect one. Here is a list of tips that will help you in choosing the perfect polo shirts:

Right Size :

To make sure that you look your best you must choose the right size of polo shirt for yourself. If the shirt does not fit you well, it can hamper your entire look. The fit shouldn’t be too tight but at the same time, it should also not be too loose. The shirt should have a relaxed fit on you and allow you to move freely. Hence, these are important aspects of finding the right size for the perfect hi vis polo shirts. Thus, it is advisable to determine your shirt size and then sway around for shopping purposes.

Hi Vis Polo Shirts


Typically, people prefer wearing polo shirts that have solid colors. Though, polo shirts with various patterns can never go out of fashion. . More so, as most wear such shirts when they are playing some sport, therefore, having solid colors is a plus. A big mistake that you shouldn’t make is getting hi vis polo shirts that have big brand logos. It ruins the whole look. Therefore, you can go for polo shirts that have small logos or branding for developing a style statement of your own.


When styling polo shirts one has to be careful of the different materials as well. Historically, polo shirts have always been made of cotton, however, these days we find people experimenting with other materials like mixed cotton, semi-synthetic and nylon wears as well. Hence, when you are choosing such pieces of clothing you should make sure that you try out all material options available for you.


Buttons can add a special essence to your style statement. When you choose to wear these shirts with button alignments, they bring in certain crisp and polished look. Hence, if you crave for such polished looks, you can always choose to wear the shirts with buttons!


Polo shirts are very versatile and can be worn with practically anything. However, the best way to style them would be to stick to a summery look. You can choose from shorts or chinos for a smarter casual look. However, if you want to go for complete casual style, you can easily pair them with joggers. In case you want a semi-formal look, you can throw on a blazer on top of your hi vis polo shirts and you are good to go.

Therefore, as you can see these are some important tips for styling your hi vis polo shirts. These are a must-have for any man and if you do not already have one, you should invest in them immediately.

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