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How to Style and Shop for Thrift Store Clothes

‘I don’t have good clothes to wear for this occasion’ is the first complaint you will hear from every female (past Males are no less either). Well it is highly strenuous on your budget if you keep buying clothes for every office party to bff’s get together or for the special date.

You would love to save money, but at the same time you want to rock by looking simply mind blowing at the occasion.

So what is the answer to save money but still have something new to wear for that cocktail party?

Answer is Thrift Stores. Thrift stores are the best way to do it. Thrift stores have a wide range of collections available. You can get something sleek for the evening party at the office, or silk shirts for office, fun dress for clubbing, or sexy dress for date night.

Being fashionable doesn’t always have to be that expensive. It is more about clothing the right way, and for that you must know how to choose the right clothing.

So here are a few pro tips and some cool fashion ideas for you to keep looking gorgeous and not burn hole in your pocket. Let your money go farther without your fashionable look getting too far out of line.

Plan well ahead what you want to buy:

The most important thing to do even before you step into any thrift store is making a plan as to what you want to buy. You need to make a list of all the clothing items you want to buy before you are heading to check out a thrift store. Otherwise you will be coming in, looking at everything and having no idea as to where to start.

Thrift stores have not much to offer and checking out rack after rack won’t be doing you that well. If you know what you want, you will be able to go and check those things only. Having a list of things that you want to buy like the dress or blazer allow you to know what exactly you are looking for.

Else you will be overwhelmed and confused and end up buying too much or maybe end up buying items that are not your immediate need.

Many thrift stores are color-coded. It is recommended that you shop by color. So when you know what you want to buy, it is an easy way to get what you are looking for to fit and get in your size.

When you have the list it makes it easy for you to skip over sections that are not useful to you or don’t appeal to you. No wasting time over paging rack after rack looking for your desired look.

You may just see something that gives you inspiration in your favourite color. There is always room to be more creative when looking for new fashion ideas.

Buying in thrift stores is one of the best ways to save money on clothing

Pro tip is to shop in thrift stores on special days such as Thursday where you will get the best deals of the week.

Many thrift stores have signs that tell you what color tag is on fifty percent off discount. Most of the Thrift stores have deals and discounts on every single day. Thursday is considered to be best because it is dollar day. These days, certain clothing and color tags are marked as $1.

So if you love getting good deals and get better prices and value for money you can plan to go shopping at thrift stores on these special offer, deal and discount days.

But generally in thrift stores, everyday there is something on sale, just the items keep changing day to day. Yet the crux is you will be saving a lot of money.

In thrift stores you need to come in, be it sale day or not. You will be able to find something fab that is just right for you and just right price.

One of the concerns while shopping at thrift stores is choosing items based on their brand. So which brand is worth it and which may wear out too soon. In thrift stores, no doubt some clothing will not be as high in quality as many used items. So if you prefer custom jeans then you can shop online to save money. However many items of clothing that are beautiful and fabulous are brand new too. All you have to do is navigate all the options and ensure you get what you want.

Just go for items that grab your eye, examine it well to ensure what you are buying is really good, durable in shape and then check its brand. Because many times you find the best branded clothes that will fit you. You can find many amazing brands that you trust with quality pieces. You will be delighted to and rather feel great when you get a good deal of designer brands that you like for so less.

Thrift stores do have items that are nearly new and trendy. Or you may end up liking clothing which is older and has a vintage feeling.

Now a question is what is the best part about shopping at thrift stores?

Prices, selection, brands are all good reasons. But one thing which is very much enjoyable specially by the girls is the Hunt to get that amazing clothes at such affordable prices.

You don't have to pass it up because of the price tag. You get to find unique items in thrift stores.

Pairing up vintage and modern design is best. Best of design, price and collection is all about shopping at thrift stores. You get to have a whole new look and new wardrobe every season.

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