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How to Streamline Your Time Using AI

By Katrin Garrison

Artificial intelligence has changed how things are done in many industries. Whether in communication, manufacturing, transport or any other place of work, AI has helped automate processes, reduce human labor, and enhance efficiency. When we think of AI, we only think about how impactful it is to the large corporations. The reality is that artificial intelligence can be used by individuals at a personal level to improve many aspects of life. In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is the use of a computer program to perform tasks that traditionally require human interaction. If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence then I would recommend you to take an artificial intelligence online course from intellipaat.

However, with artificial intelligence, you can have your computer perform any of the tasks without having to be involved. Using artificial intelligence at a personal level helps you save time and increase efficiency. In this post, we look at the different ways you can use AI to save time. Time is a very important aspect in the life of everyone. Whether you are employed, an entrepreneur or a student, prudent time management plays a major role in your success. Here are some ways you can streamline your time use by adopting AI.

1. Maintain a Progressive Task List

As simple as it may sound, creating a task list plays an important role in time management. There are many AI apps that allow you to create a progressive task list. Each task has to be accomplished in a given time frame. An app that helps you perform your duties in time will help you be more productive with your time.

Apps such as Google Tasks, Evernote, Wunderlist among others offer premium features that allow you to arrange your daily activities in order. These apps also help you stay on course by providing regular reminders on the task you are to complete. By using such apps, you can improve your business efficiency and become more productive.

2. Wake Up Earlier

For some people, crawling out of bed is the biggest impediment to time management. If you find it hard getting out of bed, you can use AI to help you start improving your wake up time. The best way to improve your wake up time is to advance it step by step. Use an alarm that wakes you up earlier in increments. If you usually set up your alarm to wake you up at 6.00 am, you can improve your wake up time every day by a single minute.

Improving your wakeup time with a minute every day will see you improve your overall wakeup time by 1 hour in two months time. The idea is to get your body used to the changes happening in your sleep pattern. There are many automated alarm clock apps you can use on your smartphone to gradually improve your wakeup time. Some of the best AI alarm clock apps include Alarmy, I Can't Wake Up, and Puzzle Alarm Clock.

3. Ignore Your Phone in the Morning

As much as you can use your phone to improve your wake-up time, the phone is one of the biggest impediments to prudent time management. Most people spend a lot of valuable time on the phone. If you want to streamline your time management, you have to find a way of ignoring your phone in the morning. When you wake up, your aim should be to get prepared for your daily activities. You should discipline yourself on ways to avoid social media in the morning.

The best way to ensure that you do not get distracted by your phone when you wake up is to turn off notifications. You can either turn off mobile data or use an app that automatically turns off your notifications. There are many apps that can manage social media such as MeetEdgar, TweetDeck and IFTTT among others. You can use such apps to automatically respond to Tweets, post on social media and even reply to messages to avoid spending too much time on your phone when you should be working.

4. Don't Type Messages - Record

If you are trying to manage your time, you must realize that every minute counts. Typing messages may take a lot of time. If you are an individual who has to talk to many people throughout the day, it is better to record your messages than type them. There are many apps that allow you to record and send messages such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook among others.

These apps can clearly record a message in any language and deliver it immediately. Since typing messages takes time, you can also save time by communicating through voice calls. You can also set up an autoresponder using chatbots for business purposes. There are businesses where you have to text many people in a day. In such a case, it is better to set up a chatbot service, where people can get responses to their questions without having to talk to you directly.

5. Organize All Thoughts In The Text

Most importantly, AI can help you manage your communication to reduce time spent typing and organizing text. There are several apps that can be used to organize text order. You can use transcription software to convert your recorded audio messages into text and organize your text into an understandable structure.

The amounts of words spoken in one minute at average speed would take almost 10 minutes to type. If you intend to save time, using audio to text software must be on your mind. A good audio software should be able to convert short recordings into text messages without a big problem.

Time management is a big problem for many people. If you are a busy person, every single minute of the day counts. You need to start managing your time right from when you wake up until the time you go to bed. Using AI gives you the power to control your activities and manage your time. For streamlined time management, use AI apps that help save time through automation. For example, an audio transcription software will help you reduce the time you spend typing texts by recording and converting the recorded speech to text. In a similar way, you can use AI to improve your wake up time and reduce the time you spend on your phone.

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