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How to Mention Your Personal Accomplishments in the IT on a Resume


By Max Stone

The most important thing towards landing a desired job is to sell correctly all your skills and qualifications. Sometimes, it might not be enough to include your background knowledge and working history to figure out what kind of person you are.

It makes sense when you decide to include an extra section called “Professional accomplishments” or something like that in order to make your resume stand out. You can even use an online resume builder wherein a Professional Experience section will have existing one-liner points which you can use as a template to customize as per your requirements.

Do Personal Achievements Matter?

No one says that traditional qualifications are more or less essential. The majority of interviewers require a confirmation that you have work-related education and some experience. For that purpose, each resume has sections where to put all that information.

On the other hand, presenting non-traditional accomplishments can reveal talents that a person has. Gratitude to those skills, employers can imagine which personal characteristics are predominant and how they can influence the working attitude.

People working in the IT industry are creative and must respond to some valuable criteria. However, if you’ve completed additional courses related to the position you are applying for, you won’t lose anything including just a little information about your personal achievements. If you don’t exactly know where to put that info, it is a good idea to use expert help and consider professional IT resume at Resumarea. Certified and experienced writers know how to use such information to make your resume work to your benefit.

In this article, you will find everything you need to consider while looking for an IT position. Pay closer attention to showing your personal accomplishments as it’s much more complicated rather than indicating traditional professional education.

4 Things to Take into Consideration

  1. Add a separate section to your resume. Why not tell the entire world that you undertook an online course to increase your professionalism? What’s bad about that? Nothing. So, the more certificates you have, the better. This underlines that you are progressing and never stay in the same place. You are interested in improving yourself. Hence, recall in mind each program you were a part of, each course or workshop you have undergone to impress the future recruiter. You can call that section as “Professional development”.
  2. Make your cover letter outstanding. It’s not so easy to make your resume work on you. You only have some limited space to put data about your candidacy. That’s why you can write a cover letter which is a big advantage for you. It offers an opportunity to read between lines and fill in the gaps providing the information that is missed on your resume. Hence, you have a chance to mention skills that you haven’t included in your resume.
  3. Don’t forget about your LinkedIn profile. The resume and cover letter play a huge role in defining whether your candidacy is suitable for that position. LinkedIn is the very first place where the recruiters get the necessary information about job seekers. Compared to the resume and cover letter, the LinkedIn portfolio offers more flexibility. There are other sections where you can add skills and experiences that you’ve already gained through online courses.
  4. Include your hobby and interests. If earlier it was not a common practice to include your passions and interests, today the tendencies have changed. You may add your sports achievements. This is an accurate section to tell about this. Just remember to give a separate bullet to each achievement you want to share with the potential employer.

Personal achievements may be the trickiest parts to involve in the resume. Make sure that you include only relevant accomplishments which serve for the right purpose. Sometimes adding too much can have a negative impact on the hiring process. Hence, be adequate and rational not to make a big mistake that can cost you a job.

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