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The Basics of Starting a Night Club Business

If you are entrepreneurial and thinking about starting a nightclub business, this article explains the basics you need to consider before you get started. You’ll find information about finding the right location, purchasing supplies, upgrading the property, hiring, and future growth.

We’re going to assume that you’ve purchased property that is already set up as a nightclub and that you don’t have to actually reinvent the wheel. Let’s get started.

Finding the Right Location

If you haven’t found a location yet, or even if you have already chosen one, you’ll want to consider the many factors involved in selecting the right location for your nightclub.

The term Location should not be ignored. It’s one of the fundamental reasons a business goes to the bank or goes broke. The location can make or break the success of a business and for the most part, the location of a nightclub is no different. Location is so important to consider, especially in this case because you may want to find out why the previous nightclub went out of business.

One of the first places to start looking is the different cities you may want to establish your nightclub in. The facts are, the bigger the population, the more business you can do. Although larger cities generally get more business, you may decide that you want to establish a business in a smaller city. The options are endless, but you have to figure out what works best for you in the long run and what will make your business profitable at the same time.

Once you’ve chosen a geographical location, you can start researching the areas of that city where there is a lot of successful business. Try not to rush into any decision on location unless you find an amazing opportunity but remember that with popular locations comes hiked-up leasing costs.

One good thing about a nightclub is that if it’s nice and your patrons enjoy their time there, they’re most likely willing to travel a fair distance to reach you. This is where your customer service and the look-and-feel of your nightclub will come into play. We’ll cover this topic in a few moments.

Once you’ve chosen what you consider an amazing location for your nightclub, the next step is to start thinking about a few operating needs like purchasing supplies, property upgrades, hiring, and future growth.

Purchasing Supplies

One of the most important aspects of running a nightclub is sourcing operational supplies. You need alcohol, food, kitchen supplies, chairs, seating, carpeting, equipment, and a whole gamut of supplies to keep the business running.

The best part about supplies is that they can all be found online and sent directly to you. You don’t need to do any major heavy lifting, but instead, simply search for “nightclub supplies and equipment” and a huge list of companies will show up. If you live in or near a major city, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be a local provider whom you can contact online and even make all your necessary orders.

You can make most of the major supplies and equipment purchases online like Hypemakerz, but you’ll also need to establish relationships with companies that provide you with food and drink on a regular basis. These will be contracts and ordering schedules you set up that will ensure you always have all the necessities you need on a weekly basis.

The best part about running a nightclub is that you don’t need to have as much food as a regular restaurant. You can keep the menu basic, the drinks plentiful and your ordering schedule and costs can always be predictable.

Upgrading the Property

This is the major part. Unless you’ve purchased a brand new—fully functional nightclub you’re probably going to have to do some renovations and upgrades. By neglecting this aspect of the business, your customers and customers will simply not come back enough to make the business profitable. Of course, all this depends on a few factors but let’s just assume for this article that things need to be customized and brightened up a bit.

Where to start? There are a few major areas where upgrades to a nightclub could be beneficial. Let’s start with the three primary areas.

  • The bathrooms
  • The bar
  • The seating and dance floor

The Bathrooms

The bathrooms are highly important. Patrons need to know they can use the bathroom privately and that everything is upgraded and clean. It almost doesn’t matter what you cater to also. Your nightclub can be any type of genre, but you want to make sure to have it upgraded and that it looks classy.

Depending on what country and state/province you’re operating in, you want to make sure the bathroom is wheelchair accessible and that all the equipment can be easily accessed by people with disabilities. The following article is a great resource for tips to upgrading a nightclub bathroom with tips on where you can get all your supplies.

The bar

The bar is another area of your nightclub that could probably do with some decent upgrading. Unless it’s fully functional and is already a beauty, you’ll probably want to make some important upgrades.

Take a tally of the drinks you’ll serve, and do some research as to whether the current bar is up to par. There are tons of resources that can provide you with enough information as to what a bar basically needs to function properly and what it can use to look and function amazingly.

The seating and dance floor

All the patron amenities must be looked at and optimized if possible. The seating, the entrance, the coat room, and the dance floor. You want your new patrons to feel that you’ve put a lot of energy into making their experience a good one so put a plan together and fix up the place, so everything looks stylish and new.

Remember, because the club was previously owned, previous customers and patrons will be curious about the new club and what it has to offer. You’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity because if you do it right you can keep them as regular customers of your establishment.

Hiring Employees

This is the tough part. If you’re already business savvy you understand all the ramifications of hiring employees, providing benefits, having money for wages, and the whole gamut involved with employee rights.

To get a jump-start on the employee process, it’s a good idea to start putting out ads in the newspapers and online indicating that you’re hiring. This will start getting you the attention you need, and applications will start coming in. You’ll be able to hold those applications off until the day you open but at least you’ll have your army of employees ready.

If you’ve never actually had a business, you can start by searching how to hire employees which will give you lots of important resources for how you actually get started with the hiring process and all the legal and paperwork you need to do beforehand.

Hiring employees is one of the hardest parts of starting any business, but for nightclubs the payoffs are great. The wages can be minimum, and retention is usually high because the atmosphere makes a nightclub a great place to work.

Planning for Future Growth

You probably don’t want to start selling any franchises for your nightclub, but you may want to consider future growth. The bigger the club gets, the more prestige it will build, and the higher caliber of customers will come.

When you open, you can start off with just live DJ music but as the profits come in and the years pass, you can expand to live bands and even comedy shows.

Make the best of your nightclub and you’ll find that it’s a pretty formidable cash cow that will keep you in the black for many years to come.

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