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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start a
Lucrative Welding Side Hustle?

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The world economies are gradually recovering from the effects of the covid-19 on financial industries. Many people have lost their jobs and many have been demoted. Thousands of self-employed people without side hustles have been made to face various problems. 

With the looks of things, it will take years for things to get back to normal, what will you be doing till then? If you have a job already or you have skills, it will be in your best interest to have a side hustle. Side hustles will get you extra income which you will need to survive in these difficult times. 

Here, we will be showing why now is the perfect time to start a lucrative welding side hustle.

Welding as a side hustle

A welder is an individual or skilled person who joins metal together using the latest welding equipment. They also fill and repair holes in metal components using intense heat and gas. Welding has been a great occupation for those who want to make money and they can work anytime they want. 

People don't need any college degree to get involved in welding, all you need is the required skills and confidence to thrive. As a Welder, you can work in several hustles like:

  • Fence repair
  • Trailer and Auto Repair
  • Sacrificial welding on equipment
  • Weld metal art
  • Build your neighbors projects
  • Maintenance 
  • Oil & gas projects

Welding is one of those industries that are short of skilled welders. Those of us that are still willing to get our hands dirty will rule the world sooner than later. If you are looking for a side hustle to earn you extra income, welding is an ideal choice.

7 reasons you need to choose welding as a side hustle today

There is no better time to start making extra money than now. There are many industries both in the manufacturing and engineering sector seeking capable welders. Here is why you need to take that leap today:

1. You can start easily

Unlike other skilled jobs where you need a certificate to start, you could get into welding easily. This is a side hustle where you can only get better on the job and you can get involved easily. If you are serious you can learn welding via YouTube videos, and then with enough practice make great money at it. Only time on the stick or MIG torch will improve your skills. It’s a must do, hands on learning.

There are a ton of local community colleges that offer small welding classes and light certs.

2. High demand for welders

Now is the best time to choose welding as a side hustle, especially as the welding outlook is currently huge. You should take this chance because many companies are paying big cash for skilled welders. 

Welding has become a hot cake and it will be in your best interest to involve yourself in it today if you think you’re interested. Even if war or all heck starts today and people lose their jobs, welding still has a huge place in society.

3. Promotion and better wage incentives are guaranteed

Since there is a high demand for welding according to the recent welding outlook, people involved are assured better job incentives. You can easily get more work and higher wages. Moreover, welding also requires a manager, so you have the chance to become a supervisor on this job. It is common to see new apprentices becoming supervisors and inspectors over time.

4. Great wage structure

Unlike many jobs and professions which have their wages cut or streamlined, having welding as a side hustle pays well. While welding isn't a get-rich scheme, if you are diligent, you will make tons of money from it. 

New welders earn an average salary of $50,000 and with time you could expect to earn more than $200,000 yearly, depending on the loacation. While it pays well, there are also many open welding positions by the sides where you can make money.

5. Traveling around the world is easier

If you are the adventurous type and want to see new places, then welding as a side hustle is a great choice. There are several welding opportunities which take you to new countries and cities where you can experience many cultures. 

Moreover, you can get jobs easily abroad. Many welding jobs abroad will require you to stay for some days and weeks which allows you to experience new things. I work a 2 week on and 2 week off schedule. Some welders work 28 days on and 28 days off.

6. You get extra income

Side jobs are great when you want to augment your salary. Today, there are many side jobs you can take and welding offers the best chance to make additional income. You could run a part-time welding service after your main job which offers nice options.

7. Ability to learn valuable skills 

Welding as a side hustle allows you to have a satisfying job education which can help you in your life. Side gigs like this help you work on your own space and you are gradually becoming a boss of your own. With time, you might even turn your welding side hustle into your main job. You can use your knowledge of welding to work on other activities in your house. 


The Welding outlook for people who want a side hustle is great and many people should jump on it. Today is the best time to start a side hustle in welding and make great money for yourself.

Getting set up with welding tools and equipment is relatively cheap compared to some other side businesses. With inflation hitting record heights, now’s the time to get a new side hustle. Why not welding?

To learn more about the welding processes, welding tools and welding gear check out

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