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How to Start a Golf Cart Repair Business

Golf Cart Repair Business

According to the “America Golf Cart Market: Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019-2026,” the golf cart market size is projected to reach $1,627.6 million by 2026. Even some large automobile companies are producing advanced golf carts.

The decrease in the price of fuel and batteries and the environmental aspect will definitely lead more people to make this investment. This makes starting a golf cart repair business a smart move now so that you can establish yourself as a reliable company for golf cart owners. Here’s how to get started.

Check out the Competition

OK, it’s highly likely that you are not the only one who thought of starting a golf cart repair business. The first step is to check out competitors in the area where you plan to operate (near a golf course or a retirement community would be best, but more on that later).

Use Google Maps to find similar businesses within the area. If you have no choice other than establishing your business near a competitor, see the prices and the perks they are offering and try to make a more appealing offer.

Come up with a Business Plan

Every business, regardless of the industry, needs to start with a carefully crafted business plan. You will need the cost analysis for everything you need to get started – the location, marketing, stock, etc. You should also decide on the hours of operation and create a list of services. The business plan should also include a forecast of possible financial gain and expenses.

Decide on Your Base

If you’re going to establish your business at home, you need to see how much space you have for golf carts and equipment. If you are not in a high-traffic area or a neighborhood close to a golf course or a retirement community, you might want to consider other options.A retail space might be a good alternative because you can choose the location and the square footage, but you need to count on the cost of monthly rent. Also, think about the possibility of going mobile, at least for emergency cases.

Stock up

To get started with a golf cart repair business, you will need a basic repair kit. Depending on the type of repair services you plan to offer, you will probably need cleaning solutions, cutters, and commercial base brushes. You’ll most likely be adding lifted golf cart wheels and tires for your customers, so you’ll need to get golf cart lift kits that boost the cart’s height. Also, you will require some spare parts such as shafts, heads, and grips.

Decide Whether You Need a Team

During the first couple of months, you will probably be able to do most of the repairs yourself. However, your business is much more than repairing carts. You will also need someone to handle the accounting, marketing, and various daily operations. Consider asking a family member to help out for the first couple of months or hire one or two people.

Come up with a Marketing Strategy

One of the ways to get your business going and to be one step ahead of the competitors is to come up with a great marketing strategy. Here, you will have to work on several fronts:

  • Multichannel: This means including a broad mix of media and adapting your voice to each of them. First, you will need a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website with some quality content. Don’t stop there. Branch out to social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Email marketing is still very effective, especially when it comes to older customers who rarely use social media.
  • Sales and discounts: Everyone loves coupons. You can use them to increase traffic and attract new customers who will keep coming back if you provide good service.
  • Customer awareness: By maintaining clear communication channels with your customers and knowing their needs, you will keep them coming back. Plus, you’ll create a lasting word-of-mouth buzz among their friends and colleagues who also have golf carts.

Start (not so) Fresh

Starting from a clean slate has many advantages, but it is also risky. If you want to play it safe, you can consider the financial benefits of buying an already established golf cart repair business. An established business already has documented earnings and assets, which can be a big advantage for investors and lenders. Most of them already have some regular customers too.

Another option is taking the franchising route. Purchasing a golf cart repair franchise can be easier than going into this endeavor alone, so you can check this option out as well.

Talk to People Who Are Already in the Business

Maybe your local competitors won’t be willing to share their success secrets with you, but you can try to find some business owner who is not a direct competitor. You can get some valuable tips not only about how to get and keep customers but also which equipment to use and how to stay in business.

There you have it – a few useful suggestions to help you start on the right foot. Good luck!

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