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Company Culture: Essential Tips to
Start Your Corporate Alumni Program

When it comes to business development and brand advocacy, one of the best things you could do for your company is to develop an efficient corporate alumni program. Alumni offer a great source of information from network intelligence to business practices, industry trends, competitive information, and more. Your past employees have valuable knowledge and insight from experience that your current employees may not yet attain. Maintaining a relationship with your past employees and creating an effective alumni network is a great way to add value to your company.

So if you are looking to create meaningful alumni relationships, here is everything you need to consider in order to develop a solid corporate alumni network.

Celebrate Your Alumni

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your alumni know that they are valued. Establishing a consistent message through your company lines that your past workers played an essential role in the development of your brand will make your alumni open to staying in touch and helping in any way they can. This will help you build lifelong relationships with both your former and current employees.

Inform Your Alumni on New Ventures

Alumni can be your greatest brand ambassadors. Not only will they know your company inside and out, but they will help spread your company’s values in a positive light. However, it is essential to update your alumni on any new information and policies. Company culture is always changing, and you do not want your alumni speaking to former employees about outdated protocols or policies that no matter align with your company’s vision. Updating your alumni on current trends, products, and missions will ensure your brand is represented correctly.

Recruit an Executive Sponsor

In order for your alumni program to run successfully, it is essential to have a strong executive sponsor who wholeheartedly believes in the alumni program. A dedicated executive sponsor will help build an engaging and powerful alumni network by putting together a solid team, empowering alumni managers, and spreading positive information about the network.

Gather Data

When it comes to alumni networks, data should always be a focal point. Having employees and alumni take surveys and analyze profile data and metrics will help you understand your alumni’s demographics and motivators.

Ask For Help

Building a successful alumni program is a team effort. Ask your partners, stakeholders, and current employees to assist you on your journey to build a successful alumni program. For example, ask them for ideas or to volunteer to host an alumni event in their office building.

Create Unique Content

A great way to value your alumni is to create engaging content about them within your network. Share interesting information, interview former employees, share stories, and more. A fun idea would be to host a Q&A with alumni where your current employees could ask them questions.

Create Networking Events

Even in today’s digital-driven world face-to-face connection is an essential aspect of building strong communities, especially on the corporate level. Hosting dinners, parties, and speaking events can help take your alumni relationships to the next level. Hosting events is also a great way to show appreciation for your alumni and will give current employees an incentive to stay with your company and go the extra mile.

Create a Report on The Value of The Alumni Program

If there are many stakeholders and board members in your company, it is essential to develop a report highlighting the success of your alumni program to maintain or improve your budget. Having a larger budget will help improve team resources, alumni benefits, and more. In the report, state the alumni program’s accomplishments along with quotes from alumni, pictures of your alumni community, and more.

Keep Evolving

Like real communities, alumni networks are always changing and evolving. While these steps will help you build a strong alumni network, It is important to try new ideas to promote engagement and resonate with your alumni members.

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