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Spirited Away Movie Review

Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Writer: Hayao Miyazaki
Stars: Daveigh Chase, Suzanne Pleshette, Miyu Irino

Spirited Away is an amazing animation movie about love, faithfulness and courage. In this movie spectator is able to notice many episodes where symbols are conveyed and that make this animation very unique. “Spirited Away” was animated by talented Japanese director Miyazaki in 2001. Film won 1 Oscar, another 51 wins and 22 nominations. Movie is about 10 year’s old girl Chihiro. During her family’s move to the suburbs, Chihiro got into the world full of spirits, gods, and witches. Little girl’s parents were turned into pigs by old women Yubaba, but girl tried to stay strong and gave all her efforts to rescue the people she loved the most in the world.

It is amazing how every single thing is thought out and how the little girl’s story changed into unforgettable adventurous. The most interesting thing for me was that the 10 years old child was transferred into the adult’s world, where she must to take important decisions by her own, where she must be strong enough to save herself, her family and the boy she loved. According to Sweden reporter, the outstanding little girl braveness is what we all should seek. Life is unexpected, sometimes miserable, but only pure and brave souls make it brighter. Moreover, he added that the names of this animation movie characters were great choose, while he mostly use Swedish Name Generator or Dutch Name Generator in order to find the fantastic names for his books characters. 

Spirited Away remarks the materialistic world. It can be clearly seen that even in the spirit’s world materials things took a big part for everyone. All of the citizens of that world wanted to earn as much money as possible from the customers who came in the hotel. But only innocent child was able to resist temptation and follow her feelings. I love the last part of the story when Chihiro without any doubt decided to risk everything to save Haku, the boy she fell in love, life. Afterward she faced one more challenge: to recognize which pigs are her parents. The family connection and love helped her to release that there were no her parents among the unknown pigs. After she spent so much time in Spirit’s world, the last and one of the easiest tasks left to her: not to turn back, while she leaves the ghost’s world. If I were in her shoes I would turn around I think. After you spend so much time in the place, which change your life forever, it is not easy to leave everything without a doubt. Especially if you need to leave the person you love there.

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All in all, it is really great that there are some wonderful animations, which give us the opportunity to go into many different worlds. Furthermore, they remember us the spiritual values, which are the most important for human being. On the other hand, today many young people watch animations like The Simpsons, which creates a lot of questions for today’s community about their actuality and impact on young people’s mind. I hope it is not the last animation, which helps me to look into the world from the other perspective and I absolutely recommend it to watch by yourself.

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