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Sources of Inspiration for Writing an Essay


One of the best ways to get inspired for writing is, of course, literature. If you read even just a few pages each day, you'll not only increase your creativity but will also gain fresh and varied ideas for the story or an essay that you can then write. Simply browse through books at your local library or bookstore to get inspired for writing. There are many famous authors that every writer should read, and if you want to become a better writer you can also benefit from reading biographies and other works by great authors. Just remember that the more you read, the more you'll get inspired for writing.

Brainstorming Technique

Another way to get inspired for essay writing is to simply use a brainstorming technique, which is simply going through your entire collection of books and essays and seeing what kind of questions or arguments you can come up with. You can think about any kind of argument you want to come up with in your mind, whether it's political, social, environmental, etc. If you can find some interesting or even silly questions, that is a great source of inspiration. These questions can be used in your research paper as well, though you need to be careful not to use too much and to make sure that your argument doesn't become too convoluted.

There are also many people that use their creativity in many different mediums, such as video, audio, art, etc., and you can take this same idea and apply it to writing essays. You can find many examples on the internet when you do a quick search. Just type in whatever inspires you will find many examples. When you are writing your own essay, you can find many people that have written similar essays, which can be a great resource for your own writing. In fact, many people like to read those essays as part of their homework.

Other Essays

Another way that you can get inspired to write your own essay is to read other essays and get inspired by them. You can find some samples here. The key is to find something that applies to you, or that inspires you, in a particular area and then use that as a major source of your inspiration. Some sources of inspiration for writing may come from personal experience, while others may be more indirectly based on other things.

For example, if you were asked to read a 20-minute personal statement by one of your professors, how would you get inspired to write about this? Probably your professor might ask you about your interest in philosophy or some other topic, and you might tell them about a time when you had a major problem with your grades. You can use this as a major source of your essay and include a personal statement to emphasize your interest in this subject and to show that you are capable of handling difficult situations and of thinking creatively.

Bottom Line

These four sources are just four of the many different sources of getting inspired to write an essay. The most important thing to remember is that when you are writing your essay, do not rely on any one of them alone. Start with the ones that have the most potential for being your main inspiration, and then build on them in order to get inspired to write the rest of your essay. This will allow you to be able to write a very compelling essay that may be the basis for your high school or college essay grade.

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