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Songs and the Brain: How Music Impacts Us

Songs and the Brain

Music affects human behaviour in a variety of ways. We can get goosebumps when we listen to extraordinary pieces of music. A joyous piece of music can make us dance or lift our spirits. The sound of certain music evokes memories. Songs can profoundly affect mood, behaviour, and health, and our perception of time may also change. Let's explore the effects of music on our brains and everyday life.

Enhances the Release of Dopamine

A study has found that when people listen to music that gives them chills, the brain releases dopamine, also known as the ‘happy hormone’. In case you don't know, dopamine is a natural feel-good chemical that we receive as part of our reward system and helps us feel happy. Now let's move on to the exciting part, which is that dopamine is not only released during peak musical moments but also when we anticipate them. It's almost as if our brains reward us for predicting that the chorus will be catchy and hit us soon!

It Gives us a Feeling of Nostalgia

We are flooded with feelings and memories when we hear a kids song from our adolescence. We feel so strongly about those songs; why do they strongly impact us emotionally? During our "formative" years (13-22), our brains develop rapidly, so when we connect to a song during that period, it's a powerful neurological connection. During our pubescent years, our brains receive a massive rush of hormones telling them everything is essential, including music. It's no surprise that we get nostalgic when we hear a throwback to our high school days; it brings back magical memories.

Promotes Positive Thinking

For ages, psychologists and self-help gurus have focused on the benefits of positive thinking. However, what about the practice of positive listening? We already know the music that gives us the chills helps to release dopamine. Still, a separate study found that people who intentionally listened to upbeat music improved their moods and happiness in just two weeks. A group of independent listeners was told to listen to different music not deemed positive-sounding by the researchers; they didn't experience the same mood-boosting effect. So the next time you're blue, maybe put on a song that will make you smile, or you can check out these tips for boosting your daily energy.

Playing Music Can Help Memory

In addition to the beautifully creative and freedom that music can bring, it can also help us improve our memory. In addition to learning and remembering more content than non-musicians, musicians have an edge when learning new languages. That makes sense if we consider music to be a universal language. As we have already stated, our memories are also evoked and reminisced through music. De-stressing and training your brain via music are two benefits of playing music. It is essential to realise that stress leads you to forget things, so if you are less stressed, you will remember more!


We can be affected by music in many ways, as you can see. It can make us sad, happy, or joyful, and make us cry, smile, and giggle. It has been shown that music plays a very important role in a wide variety of industries in many different ways. In movies, for instance, it is used to create different atmospheres; in video games, it can be used to set a scene. Online casinos especially benefit from this as it creates an exciting playing environment. Their online slots take advantage of music, particularly ones that take inspiration from movies. You can hear their iconic soundtracks playing in the background while you play, like in the Jurassic Park slot game, the GhostBusters slot game, or the Spiderman slot game. There are also classic games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat that employ gentle background music to keep you relaxed while you play. The best online operators offer bonuses if you wish to try them. With so many to choose from, it's important to read reviews to find one of the many safe online casinos to play at. You'll find that your gaming experience is enhanced by the power of music.

Perhaps the next time you listen to music, you'll consider how it affects your mood, or maybe not. In the end, perhaps the healthiest thing we can do is simply enjoy it and soak in the sound of a catchy chorus as we do so.

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