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How Are Soldering Irons Different From Soldering Stations

If one wants to understand the difference between soldering iron and soldering stations one must first understand what these pieces of equipment are. They must also learn about how they work, their functions, and their features to understand the difference properly.

What are soldering stations?

As the name suggests a soldering station is used for soldering. These are soldering devices equipped with the feature of adjustable temperature. The main purpose of a soldering station is to create a through-hole with the help of soldering techniques. Apart from that, it is also sometimes used in SMD electronic components.

Unlike one soldering tool, a soldering station contains multiple such tools. All these tools are connected to the control unit of the station. The CU or control unit of the station consists of time indicators, temperature indicators, temperature controllers, and other such features. In addition, the CU also contains a transformer.

In some soldering kit, these features are automatic. However, in basic soldering stations, the controllers are manual. Thus, the degree of control of the station depends on its type.

Any soldering station contains some basic tools and accessories. These are the control unit, the soldering pencil, the cleaning sponge, the support rack, the soldering iron tips, self solder feeder, etc.

One can see all these parts of a micro soldering best soldering iron in the picture given below.


Based on the model of the soldering kit the types of these tools may vary. For instance, the CU may be analog or digital, there may not be a self-solder feeder in some stations, etc. Usually, the soldering pencil used in these stations is also called soldering iron, Similarly, the clean sponge is called a mesh.

Usually, soldering stations have a long life. They can be used for more than a decade if used properly. However, to increase a soldering station’s life, the user must maintain it properly. They must replace the necessary tools with new ones regularly and must ensure regular cleaning of the station as well. 

If one can maintain the station without taking any breaks for replacement and cleaning, one can use the same soldering station for a long time. However, if the maintenance is not good, the soldering station might become useless after a few years of use.

Difference between soldering irons and soldering stations


The major difference between a soldering iron and a soldering station is that a soldering iron is a singular tool. On the other hand, a soldering station is a set of multiple soldering tools.

While a soldering iron is used only for creating through-holes with the help of soldering, a soldering station can also be used for soldering SMD electronic components. Thus, a soldering station is an advanced model of a soldering iron.

While soldering irons do not have much temperature control, soldering stations are equipped with that feature. Hence, soldering stations are used for small SMD components instead of soldering irons. 

It is because small SMD components are very sensitive. Even a small variation in temperature while soldering can damage the components. Hence, to avoid such damage to the component, soldering stations are used instead of soldering irons.

Soldering stations also contain a soldering iron or pencil. Thus, all works that can be performed using a soldering iron can also be done with the help of a soldering station.

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