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Social Distancing Floor Stickers for Your Business

As people around the world adapt to the new practice of social distancing, global printing company, Jukebox, created a solution to help businesses help their communities. With the health and safety of people in mind, Jukebox utilized their sticker printing resources to create a purposeful product: social distancing floor stickers. With just a few words and a simple sticker design using bright eye-catching colors, Jukebox’s social distancing floor stickers can help businesses with reminding customers of the importance of keeping their distance from each other.

The Purpose of Social Distancing

To stop or slow down the spread of infectious diseases, public health officials around the world enacted social distancing, which requires people in public areas to keep at least 6 feet apart from each other. Public areas include inside and outside of establishments like grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and parks. In an effort to further reduce the spread of highly contagious diseases, governments can enforce more stringent measures of social distancing like shutdowns of non-essential stores, cancellation of concerts and large events, and take-out service only for restaurants.

How Social Distancing Floor Stickers Benefit Your Business

Below are some ways of how social distancing floor stickers benefit your business:

  • Keeps customers informed: While it may be easy to think that most people are aware of the most current news and are in the know of the latest implementations by the government, there’s still a great number of individuals that need a simple reminder. Social distancing floor stickers are the perfect way to remind everyone what they need to do when being in public places during a pandemic. They’re straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Easy to apply & remove: Jukebox’s social distancing floor stickers have a strong adhesive and are protected with an anti-slip coating. They are safe to use and are equally effective when used outdoors such as on cement. Since they are available in any size, larger ones are ideal to be placed all over your store and smaller ones by the entrance or the register to help build a queue of customers with proper distancing. While the adhesive on the stickers are strong, the removal process is seamless and doesn’t leave residue so they can be changed out as needed.
  • Shows social responsibility:In especially trying times, it’s important for customers, employees and surrounding communities to know that they have the support of not only the government, but also local businesses. When an individual sees social distancing floor stickers, it shows that the business cares about your health and safety.

Learn More About Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Social distancing floor stickers can be used by any business. It never hurts to have signage around your store that will help customers keep healthy and safe. Better yet, they can be customized to fit your own brand. Learn more about social distancing floor stickers at Jukebox.

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