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How Moving to a Smaller City Could Be
Your Next Big Career Move

The pandemic may have caused a total disruption in the functioning of metropolitan cities, but it also shone the spotlight on emerging small towns, which are now being looked on as saviours of the economy. For job seekers, this post-pandemic market presents a wider array of opportunities since employment trends point to exciting career prospects even beyond the metros. So if you are a job seeker or on the verge of starting your career, don't write off relocating to smaller cities in a hurry. On the contrary, shifting from a big city to a Tier 2 one could actually be a smart career move, provided it's properly thought through.

Even if you're not looking for a new venture, with more and more companies realising the advantages of work-from-home, there has been a major shift of the workforce towards smaller cities, where the cost of living is less, the work-life balance is better and housing remains affordable. This has also led to the growing value of several accommodation-based startups like Stanza Living that seek to capitalise on these benefits of smaller cities while delivering global quality housing for students and young working professionals. So whether you'e looking to relocate to cut costs, or kickstart your career, here are five ways in which moving to a small city could really benefit your career:

Demand for Skills

Are you a specialist or a generalist? Either way, relocating to a smaller city could help you establish yourself faster and more prominently than in a big city. The skills shortage in Tier 2 cities in comparison to metros means that if you have specialist skills, you will be valued significantly more by any potential employers. And who doesn't want the higher levels of job security and enhanced job satisfaction that are bound to be some of the natural outcomes?

Better Networking Opportunities

Smaller cities present you with the opportunity of getting to know people on a personal basis. In fact, enhanced networking opportunities is one of the major advantages of relocating to a smaller city since you can meet people face to face and develop lasting bonds. Not to mention that the quality of your accommodation will determine the company you keep. Renting a good quality accommodation that can rival if not outshine the best PG in Viman Nagar is a good place to start. You could choose a proper managed accommodation like Stanza Living where you're sure to meet like minded people. Social activities like attending cultural evenings, volunteering or clubbing could facilitate your interaction with a wide variety of people who could enrich different facets of your life.

Faster Career Growth

The concentration of most professionals in big cities should leave the way wide open for your own career growth in a smaller town. The absence of the kind of intense competition usually seen in the big cities will make your career development relatively easy. Faster, and less-stressful career growth? Now, that's the dream we all have.

Recognition and Reward

Working in a small city has one big motivational advantage: your work is always recognized. Unlike big city offices where individual contributions get drowned out in a sea of workers trying to leave a mark, the smaller size of offices in Tier 2 cities makes it hard for employee contributions to go unrecognised. So why not grab your chance in the spotlight?

Work-Life Balance

The slower pace of life in a small town could help you achieve that much elusive work-life balance which you could only dream of achieving in a big city, but couldn't. From shorter office commutes to manageable workloads, a smaller city could result in more leisure time in comparison to a metro. Better work-life balance will also have a positive bearing on your work, driving up productivity and reducing stress. Lower cost of living is another prominent advantage of shifting to a smaller city, making it easier for you to save up on your hard-earned salary.

We hope our list has you considering a move to a smaller city to upgrade your career. Before you relocate, remember to research the other factors that will directly impact your quality of life, from the standard of schools and colleges in the city to the condition of healthcare and infrastructure, and the safety of the neighborhood. And once you're satisfied with your decision, go ahead and take the plunge. Because bigger isn't always better, especially with small cities now reigning supreme!

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