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Top 5 Skills Every Employer Looks for in Recruitment

You are capable of landing that job you’ve been dreaming about. You have made it through the challenging years in academics, but the real world is too competitive, especially in the labor market. Another fact is the significant number of jobs you should be taking.

This only means that you need to be at the edge and stand out from the rest. What would be your greatest asset then? You’ve got to gain some skills that certain job requires.

Before getting deeper into the necessary skills for any job, you need to know where you can find some sources.

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Best Work Skills for Jobs

Below are some of the practical job skills every employer or job recruiter looks for.

1. Analytical skills

Anything can go wrong, and as an employee, you should confront, think about it, and be decisive in making solutions. These solutions are what you call as analytical skills. The required skills will vary based on the industry and the job. With these skills, you need to do the organization, planning effectively and prioritizing.

The other Skills involve:

  • Brainstorming
  • Decision making
  • Pattern detection
  • Theorizing

These are the skills that help improve businesses’ success and productivity. These skills are best used in data architecture, business development, marketing, business analytics, programming, data science, science, medicine, and law.

2. Leadership skills

Employers look for leadership applicants who can interact with colleagues, customers, and other employees. Leadership skill is relevant to get your prospective employer’s appeal. Many corporations opt to promote their business and seek for those with strong leadership qualities.

Expected leadership skills include:

  • Active listening
  • Public speaking
  • Motivation
  • Positivity
  • Delegation

3. Communication skills

Communication skills are a must-have for employees regardless of their profession. Creative solutions, awesome method, and big ideas may not be valuable when they are not properly channeled. You can make efficient communication with your bosses, clients, and co-workers, even when you have a remote working environment and do online jobs. For that situation, check out this collection of 42 team building activities for remote workers.

If you're learning, you can convey your insights to other people, and you will become more successful. Communication is effective through your emails' subject lines and words, and this can either make or break your career. Non-verbal communication can be as significant as well.

4. Positive attitude

Attitude at work and in other things is extremely critical though it may not be everything. Positive employees are attractive to employers, even when they are bombarded with challenging and stressful circumstances. Your positivity can denote the level of your resilience. Flexibility is a characteristic of an employee with a positive attitude, willingness to give extra effort and dedicated despite challenges.

Laughing at yourself at times when things don't go well is sometimes good. It creates a healthy and happy work environment even when you are stressed and/or have a busy schedule. You will likely work pretty well when you're in a positive environment. By then, you will be happy to extend your working hours when necessary.

The positive atmosphere at work can then be established through...

  • Encouragement
  • Friendliness
  • Diplomacy
  • Caring
  • Helping others
  • Rapport
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Conflict management

5. Teamwork

Most, if not all, employers aim to recruit people who are team players. These are employees who execute their duties and responsibilities pretty well and cooperate with their co-workers. This manifests the mantra for corporations to hire managers who truly value teamwork. It is a fact that you will most likely work with other employees. You need to share your ideas, do some collaboration, and then work with them hand in hand to search for solutions.

Employers do not wish to get people hired just for nothing at all. Applicants who are difficult to work with are none on their list. So, share some examples showcasing of your teamwork skills during the interview. This will measure your ability to collaborate with people from different walks of life effectively.

Set apart from the rest of the applicants, gain these top job skills, and get that “You’re Hired” statement from your employer.

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