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Simple Payments: Why Online Check Printing Beats AvidXchange in a Post-Paper Era

Corporate payments are evolving rapidly. AvidXchange has become a leader in accounts payable (AP) automation, but as more people avoid paper checks, its shortcomings are becoming apparent. This makes online check printing software more flexible and economical for firms transitioning from manual operations. Here is why people are choosing the check printing AvidXchange alternative.

AvidXchange: A Powerhouse with a Paper Fixation

AvidXchange offers invoice processing, vendor payments, and reporting. However, automating paper check processes is its strength. This is a major drawback in the digital age:

Rising Real-Time Payments (RTP)

Businesses value faster settlements. RTP networks provide rapid money transfers between institutions, eliminating paper check delays. Companies seeking faster payment options have a difficulty because AvidXchange does not interact natively with these networks.

Paper Checks Are Declining

Electronic payments are easier and safer, so consumers and companies are ditching paper checks. Checks are diminishing in use, and research suggests they may soon be obsolete. Due to its reliance on checks, AvidXchange is not future-proof.

Online Printing: Flexible and Effective

Online check printing software connects digital benefits to check familiarity. In an age of paperlessness, it beats AvidXchange:

Flexibility across Payment Methods

Online check printing services now provide more. They let organizations simply integrate virtual cards, ACH transactions, and RTP network connectivity. Flexible payment options allow businesses to choose the best one based on urgency, price, and vendor preference.


AvidXchange's pricing is complicated and often has multiple tiers based on transaction volume. However, online check printing services offer pay-as-you-go and simple pricing. SMBs with variable payment volumes may benefit from this.

Online Check Printing Solutions Prioritize Security

Secure check signing, two-factor authentication, and audit trails protect transactions. Many organizations offer fraud prevention solutions to help companies discover and reduce such dangers.

Streamlined Workflows

Easy integration with accounting systems eliminates the need for human data entry and reconciliation in modern online check printing software. It streamlines operations, reduces errors, and saves time for finance departments.

Better Vendor Relations

Paper check clearing might be inconvenient for sellers. Many online check printing platforms offer electronic check delivery, making vendor payment reception faster and more efficient. This improves vendor relations and supply chain efficiency.

Brand Consistency

Online check printing services let businesses in corporate logos and other branding elements. This maintains brand consistency and provides vendors the impression you're professional.

Extra Benefits beyond Printing

In addition to eliminating paper checks, online check printing software provides further benefits:

  • These solutions let firms track spending, identify trends, and make smart financial decisions by providing real-time payment analytics.
  • Many platforms have capabilities to help organizations comply with financial reporting and payment rules.
  • Cloud-based online check printing allows authorized users to access and process payments from anywhere with an internet connection. Remote accessibility is crucial in today's distributed workplaces.

Smooth Transition

A smooth transition from AvidXchange to online check printing is possible. Remember these essentials:

  • Consider your current payment methods and long-term goals.
  • Compare the features, cost structures, and interfaces of each online check printing supplier to your accounting program.
  • Choose an AvidXchange platform for smooth data migration.
  • Choose a service provider that provides thorough training and ongoing assistance to ensure your personnel can maximize platform use.


Company payment systems must adapt to the financial environment. AvidXchange automates paper-based workflows well, but it cannot interact with modern payment systems, making it less versatile. Online check printing software is flexible, inexpensive, and long-lasting.

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