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The Significance of Essay Writing and
Why You Need to Improve on It

Writing as a means of communication has become so essential that a day hardly goes by without you scribbling something down either on a piece of paper or on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. 

One of the reasons people resort to writing is that presence is not required, the person to whom the information is intended does not have to be in the same place or time as the writer, the information contained is presented in a way that makes it relevant when read later or in a different location. This type of communication is called Asynchronous communication. People send information in the form of letters, emails, texts

Essay writing is a form of academic writing where the writer aims to achieve several purposes with written work. It could express one’s self, provide information, prove a point or to persuade. In this article we will look at how important essay writing is and a few tips to improve on your writing skills.

Essay writing expresses who we are as people

Every writer has a style unique to him or her, deliberate or not, it is easy to get to know a person or at least have an idea from the way he or she writes. Personalities are usually expressed and some have learned to use this to their advantage, coming off as strong and firm when taking a stance on argument or informative and reassuring when trying to persuade an audience.

Essay writing as an essential job skill

Possessing great writing skills is an obvious advantage when it comes to thriving in a work environment. Your writing ability will go a long way to influence your employers both during the hiring process and subsequently your entire stay in the company. Certain companies usually seek the help of paper writing service to write business proposals, represent the company’s idea and other writing needs. If you have a strong writing skill you stand a chance of getting hired.

Essay writing allows logic and other forms of complex thought to be communicated precisely

When an essay is written points are made and are usually backed by facts and reasonable logic. Essay writing is a means to deliver useful information to an audience in a specific manner deemed fit by the writer. Complicated ideas can be elaborated and made clearer and easier to understand by the reader. 

Essay writing preserves ideas and memories

It could be a narrative essay where the writer carefully lays out an experience or an ordeal or it could be a persuasive essay trying to convince the audience to take a certain action based on information or ideas, essay writing is a means to preserve memories and ideas that could impact an audience when acted upon.

Essay writing can be used to evaluate intellect and learning

In colleges, writing is one of the many ways of assessing students, they are tested for creativity and how much they’ve learned. Likewise in workplaces, essays are usually utilised for promotional exams and also for informative purposes. Even the society at large will be quick to recognise someone with great writing skills which is a great advantage.

Now that we have seen some of the importance of essay writing, we will give you some tips on how to become a better writer...

  • Read more
    It goes without saying but a better reader makes a better writer and vice versa. Invest in good books and try to expand your knowledge and vocabulary as well.
  • Write morePeople learn through repetition. To get better at writing you need to write more. Practice is important and is the key to getting better at writing essays.
  • Develop a routine
    Writing is not something that should be forced, get into comfortable space both physically and mentally. Create a routine that works for you and stick to it, that way your brain gets used to it. It could be stroll just before a writing session, a cup of coffee or even exercise, anything that works for you to get those creative juices flowing, do it.
  • Do not try to be perfect on your first try
    People make the mistake of trying to create a masterpiece on their first try. Writing could be a tedious process and initially your primary concern should be getting ideas out of your head unto the paper. Later on you could go over the work and refine it. This of course takes time and effort.
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