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4 Awesome Side Gigs You Can Do From Home

Side gigs from home

Working from home is steadily on the rise.

Did you know that approximately 5 percent of Americans worked exclusively from home in 2017?

As tech advances, the opportunities to work remotely are forever increasing. However, even if you're not looking for a steady nine-to-five, you too can grab a slice of that work-at-home pie. In fact, side gigs are even easier to find than full time remote jobs. Here are just a few fascinating ways to spend time making some spare change.

1. Restore and Sell Things

Are you a tinkerer?

Do you love to collect?

If so, it's time to turn that hobbyist's garage workshop into a moneymaking workspace. Restoring and reselling used items is a worthy side gig from home.

First, start collecting something you're passionate about. Vintage toys, guitars, or even cars are worthwhile contenders.

Then, become an expert in your collection. Learn how to restore your items, or at least find out their current value across online markets like eBay.

Before you know it, you can sell Barbie dolls for hundreds of dollars a piece.

2. Run a Pet Daycare

Do you adore animals?

If you want the fun of cuddling cute puppies without the full responsibility of being a pet owner, the best work-from-home side jobs are in pet sitting.

Open up a doggie daycare right from home, provided that your apartment or condo doesn't have any pet restrictions in place. (If pets aren't allowed in your home, become a dog walker instead.) You can also apply to a Charlotte pet sitting company to become one of their sitters.

Pet parents pay top dollar for people to look after their furbabies. Why not cash in on the trend?

3. Become a Paid Writer

Do you have a gift for pithy prose?

Can you write engagingly on any topic?

If so, you should know that the written word translates into dollar signs. No, you might not make the New York Times Bestsellers list with the next American novel, but you can make some cash writing content for small businesses.

Every business wanting to establish an online presence needs content. You can get paid to create that content.

Writers' rates vary based on niche, market, and experience, but online side gigs in this field aren't hard to find.

4. Get Paid for Texting Side Gigs

Maybe you're not a prolific writer, but you crave interaction and you have a way with words. In that case, you can get paid to text. That's right; texting or chatting online for money is one of the easiest and most satisfying side gigs to do from home. Some opportunities will pay you to text with your friends as long as you use a specific app to do so, for example. Other online chat jobs can be found in the customer service realm.

Most texting side gigs pay per message. Therefore, if you're a fast typist and a good multitasker, this work can really pay off.

Have Fun Getting Paid

Which of these side gigs suits you best?

Try your hand at one of these compelling gigs, and see how much extra cash you can rake in. Meanwhile, come back for more tips and info about all things education, job, and career-related. We're here to help you discover how to do what you love.

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