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Short Moral Stories in English
Come With Valuable Lessons

shor moral stories

What most people are aware of is that the stories will have their morals and messages, which are quite powerful if you keep a close watch towards it. It is literally quite crazy to know that a basic 200 words story will have such a powerful impact on the minds of readers. Now, when it comes to short moral stories, then there are so many languages in which these stories are written and crafted. But the ones which are formed using English language will have a greater client base as English is an international language. So, let’s get started with such stories to be added in the list right now.

Short and basic stories:

There are some short moral stories in English, which are not just easy to read because of shorter read but also quite basic in nature. Some are so basic that they are primarily featured in children’s books. But, the value or moral related to the stories are not just for kids, but for the adults mostly. So, without wasting any time further, it is better to learn about those stories now.

  • Old Man Lived in a Village
    An old man who resided in a village was quite unfortunate. The entire village hates him and he was rather gloomy. He was mostly in a bad mood and always has complaints on his lips. The longer he got to live alone, the more bile he become. People started avoiding him and his misfortune was contagious. But, suddenly, when he turned 80 years old, one major change happened. The gold man turned happy and he does not complain any longer. He even smiles. So, the entire village gathered to ask his secret and he gave a sweet reply. To learn about that you need to go and rad the story.
  • The Wise Man
    Another interesting story is titled The Wise Man. People keep coming to this wise man with complains of their lives. Then one sudden day, he told them a joke and everyone burst into laughter. Later he told the same joke few minutes after, and few people laughed. But, when he told the same joke third time, no one laughed. So, the wise man clearly stated that if you can’t laugh at the same joke over and over again, then why do you cry for the same problem? So, the moral of this story is you cannot solve your issues if you are worried. It is just a waste of time and energy.

Other stories for you:

Apart from these short moral stories, there are some other options waiting for you to grab. Some of those stories are titled as The Foolish Donkey, Having A Best Friend and so much more. These stories are easily found out in little kids’ books and you can at least try reading through them once when you get time. You will get to find some major morals, well scripted and presented to the readers through the stories for sure.

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