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What to Look for When Shopping
for Comfortable Underwear

Shopping for Comfortable Underwear

Wearing underwear is a normal part of life that most people don’t put much stock into. When shopping people usually go for brands they’ve known for years and have grown to trust. However, underwear choices can have a significant impact on your health, hygiene, and comfort depending on your habits and which ones you choose. There are so many different types of colors, fabrics, and materials to choose from, this task can seem dizzying and/or overwhelming for the average consumer. Where do you even begin when you haven’t been educated on this subject and what are the best types of underwear for your most intimate parts? Rest assured because we’ve done the research for you and have outlined in detail what to look for when shopping for the most comfortable underwear below.

The Right Fit

Finding the right fit is probably the most important factor to take into consideration when shopping for comfortable underwear. Try to look for underwear that isn’t too tight or uncomfortable and go for brands that you’re familiar with when shopping. You want to make sure that your private parts have a good amount of breathability and airflow. Certain types of underwear may be tight or restrictive, which reduces your overall comfort levels. Also, try out different types of fabric such as spandex, polyester, cotton or even nylon to see what best suits you and your body. Remember that certain types of fabric might hold onto moisture more than others which could lead to the risk of an infection or a rash forming. Also, consider looking for material with a good amount of stretch and elasticity.


Natural fabrics are usually the best choice when it comes to shopping for underwear and maximizing comfort levels. Cotton is known as a plant fiber and is one of the best fabrics for women, especially since it has a breathable fabric and can be worn for long periods of time. Other natural fabrics that are great for your skin include merino wool, bamboo viscose, silk, modal, hemp, and linen. Some of these are more expensive than other fabrics, but may be worth the investment. Synthetic fabrics, also known as man made material, can still be worn on different occasions, but should be worn for shorter periods of time or a night out. Popular synthetic fabrics include nylon, mesh, polyester, spandex, lace, and satin, which can result in a variety of skin issues if worn for too long. If you’re into fitness, the best underwear material includes lycra, nylon, spandex, and polyester. A lot of these types of underwear will have moisture-wicking abilities and help prevent chafing in your private parts.


Most people may have never heard of the term gusset or the extra layer of fabric sewn into the crotch. This pocket is more common in almost every type of women’s underwear while gusset appears along the inseams in certain types of men’s underwear. Think of the gusset as lungs for your underwear, which allows a large amount of breathability and airflow for your private parts. This helps lower the chances of your underwear trapping sweat and moisture, which is a breeding ground for yeast infections, rashes, skin irritations, and bacterial infections. The gusset also catches sweat, discharge, and other fluids in an efficient manner. Search for a gusset when shopping because the ventilation will help you feel comfortable, cool, and dry as you go about your day.


Underwear comes in a multitude of styles and flavors for just about every mood out there. Even though most people won’t ever see your underwear, you still go for underwear that reflects your personality and individual style. There are a ton of styles and colors you can choose from including animal prints, patterns, bright colors, glow-in-the-dark, and even transparent underwear. You can even find underwear that will make your body more appealing such as spandex or even rock padded underwear, which can make your butt pop out more. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of styles and see what improves your mood, but keep comfort in mind. ,


Underwear can be first traced back to 5000 B.C. when cavemen and cavewomen wore small pieces of fabric known as loincloths. Many women didn’t start wearing traditional underwear until the 19th century while men wore something similar to boxer shorts and boxer briefs. Proper underwear came into popular fashion in the 1920s and has continued evolving into the modern day in terms of ultimate comfort. Underwear shopping seems simple, but certain things should be taken into consideration when browsing through the underwear section. One of the most important things to look for is the right fit, contemplating a gusset, and choosing a comfortable fabric. Also, look for underwear that is stylish and fits your personality.

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