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Shopify Dropshipping for Beginners

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform that lets users sell their products online to a larger audience. It was established about ten years ago when the founder, Tobi (Tobias Lütke), wanted to sell snowboards online and found it difficult without a reliable e-commerce platform. He then created Shopify and now it owns around 20% of market shares. Shopify is fairly easy to use, with lots of free add-ons and themes for starting businesses to try and start their online business with. To help grow businesses, Shopify also offers SEO services with experts providing aid for marketing tasks. Shopify plans start at $29 per month, very affordable considering the wide range of services it offers. The platform also offers other features such as Shopify dropshipping, Shopify POS, and its affiliate program.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one of the newest ecommerce trends, legality of which has sometimes been questioned. In the dropshipping model, a middleman acts as a connection between the customer and the supplier or the manufacturer. This is a profitable model for businesses that don’t have a large amount of capital to start with, the overhead cost is lower and inventory will not cost money since there’s no need to rent a place to store the products. Shopify dropshipping is one of the features the e-commerce platform is known for.

How to Set-up a Store with Shopify Dropshipping?

To start, like most businesses, dropshipping starts with researching for the right products for your target market. Through Shopify, there’s a wide range of products to select from. Since it’s an online platform, it lets users to source product not only from Canada, where its headquarters is located but from anywhere in the world. Then you need to find the best suppliers for the product you want to sell. Once it’s all set, let Shopify do its magic.

Through Shopify dropshipping, you will not need to buy products in advance, products will only be purchased once a customer placed an order and paid for it. It not only lessens the capital but also lessens the risk of money loss.

Your business will be able to cater to customers globally as long as your dropshipping supplier offers shipment to anywhere in the globe. Since Shopify and the supplier handled the sales and manufacturing for you, customer service and building a good customer relationship can now be given more time and attention. Improve your marketing and talk with your customers to establish your brand.


For individuals who are planning to build an online shop, or for businesses that are targeting to widen their reach, Shopify dropshipping is a good e-commerce approach to start with. It’s low-risk, giving you the capability to grow your brand worldwide and experiment with selling a variety of products to reach different markets.

With a cost of at least $29 per month and a few days to build your online shop to set-up suppliers and customize your website, Shopify indeed is a good investment for your business.

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