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5 Benefits of Sending Your Customers
Handwritten Birthday Cards


Have you ever received a birthday card and regretted why you opened it or got into a bad mood? I can bet my last dollar that you have not encountered any of these scenarios because the intention of birthday cards is always to make you happy.

This is the same thing you get with business birthday cards. If anything, they could have a greater impact because they are unexpected. We expect to receive Geburtstagswünsche from our friends, relatives, and colleagues. But a Geburtstagswünsch from the brand you do business with? This is a mighty big surprise. 

Today, companies collect all types of data from their customers, and one of these is their dates of birth. For what would you use this information if not to help your clients celebrate the most important days in their lives? Somebody would argue that a birthday email could do the job equally well. However, this is sure to make your customer think that you are only putting in the bare minimum effort. Birthday emails are impersonal and make your customers think of themselves only as numbers. The much better alternative is to send a handwritten birthday card. These take some time to produce and show your customer that you care. In this article, we tell you how sending personalized business birthday cards can benefit your business. Keep reading to learn more. 

They Are Guaranteed To Be Opened

Handwritten cards are a rarity in the snail mail world. Compared to other forms of direct mail and mail marketing, these cards boast a 99% success rate. It is critical in ensuring that your customer keeps your company in their mind. A handwritten birthday card, compared to printed mailers that often find their way in the trash bins, is guaranteed to be opened by the recipient and read, something that is critical for your brand recognition. 

But this is not an authorization to include marketing messages in your business birthday cards. The customer should get a feeling that you are celebrating with them and not taking the opportunity to sell to them. However, feel free to include your logo and even a gift. 

They Keep Your Customers For You

Winning over a new customer is much more expensive than retaining the ones you already have. Yet most businesses would rather use a big chunk of their marketing budget on new business development as opposed to putting the money on relationship building and retention. It’s a big mistake because the money you put into retaining your existing customers delivers a higher return. Business birthday cards have proven to be especially effective. 

And while a birthday card and stamp cost money, they make your customer feel special. Sending a personalized birthday makes you build a relationship with your clients that go beyond mere business transactions. Your customers will become part of your larger family, and they will notice if you treat them as such! It also improves customer loyalty. That is what a customized birthday card can do for you. 

Business Birthday Cards Are Affordable

You don’t need to spend a fortune to create bespoke birthday cards especially if you take into account the value they give you and also the relationship they help foster. Again, you need to get the distinction between business development and retention. The response rate of direct mail is 9% and marketers are happy about it. It means that when they send out 100 pieces of direct mail, only 9 will be opened and the remaining 91 are either ignored or end up in the trash bins. On the other hand, almost all birthday cards sent out will not only be opened but also read. This means that every cent spent on creating birthday cards will give you a result. If you send out 1000 direct mail tickets, you get 90 leads. On the other hand, 1000 birthday cards will get opened and even read by your customers to foster loyalty and build a relationship with your existing customer. Which is better? I’ll leave that to you. 

Improve Internal Morale

Remember that it is not just your clients and customers that like receiving birthday cards. Geburtstagswünsche is critical for a great internal relationship. If customers are an integral part of your larger family, your human resources are your family. They deserve birthday recognition and even much more. Taking time to send your employees handwritten birthday cards shows that you care about them and also see them as critical team members of your organization. It may be only a small gesture but the thought and goodwill behind it have immense value. When an employee feels recognized and valued, they are more likely to be productive and satisfied. At the same time, they will be less likely to hunt for jobs elsewhere. 

Retaining your good employees is important just like holding onto your existing customers. And with a good tool, this becomes meat and drinks. You can choose to send your employees handwritten cards automatically on their birthdays. Just remember to vary the messages and personalize them to each employee. The cards from a top printer are extremely authentic-feeling; however, sending the same message each time to every staff will make them lose their luster. 

Cards Remind Your Customers of Your Brand

It is highly likely that, upon receiving a birthday card, people will show it to family and friends. When you include your logo, you get to enjoy word-of-mouth marketing for free. Any passerby will see your logo.

Another thing is that the card will remain with your recipient for a long time. This allows them to see it every day and this repetition only keeps your brand at the top of your customers' minds. In case they need a service or product you provide, your company will be the first on their minds.


Personalized birthday cards are a cheap way of fostering loyalty and building relationships with your customer. Compared to direct mail marketing or email birthday, handwritten cards for Geburtstagswünsche get actually opened and read. And the longer they keep these cards, the more they will see them. This has the effect of keeping your company top of their minds. When they need a service or a product, they are more likely to give you a call than your competitor.

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